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How do I arrange health insurance?

International students coming from EU and EEA Member countries and Switzerland have free access to emergency or necessary healthcare services during their temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia upon submission of evidence of their status: The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a certificate as a substitute for EHIC that is issued by the competent state. This means that the doctor has to provide necessary healthcare services to students who hold a European health insurance card so that they do not have to return to their home country for medical care before the end of their intended stay in Slovenia. Students can access the services directly from health care service providers who have a contract with the Health Insurance Institute Slovenia. During their stay in Slovenia, students with valid health insurance in Australia can assert only urgent medical care with heath care providers, which wave a signed agreement with the Health Insurance Institute Slovenia. They must present their MEDICARE Australian card and passport used to check the identity of the insured person from Australia.

International students from countries with which the Republic of Slovenia has concluded a bilateral agreement on social insurance (with (Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia, and Montenegro) have free access only to emergency healthcare services in the Republic of Slovenia upon submission of evidence of their status. As a rule, a foreign insured person must submit sample form RM/SI 3, BIH/SI 3, SRB/SI 03 or MNE/SI 03 to the regional unit of the Health Insurance Institute Slovenia.

Persons from non-EU and non-EEA countries, Switzerland or from countries with which Slovenia has not concluded bilateral agreements on social insurance can take out their compulsory health insurance policy at one of the local units of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. Upon registering for this compulsory health insurance policy, students have to submit a certificate that confirms they are enrolled in an educational programme in Slovenia. The registration and the payment of the policy's cost are the responsibility of the student.

Notably, based on their inclusion in the insurance system of Slovenia, international students have free access to health care services within the scope of compulsory health insurance. Considering that they are required to cover the difference to the full price of healthcare services themselves, it is recommended that they also take out supplementary health insurance at a commercial insurance company (Vzajemna, Adriatic Slovenica, Triglav).

Further information is available at the competent regional unit of the Health Insurance Institute Slovenia.


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