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Can I work and study at the same time?

Yes, there is a large number of part-time student jobs in Slovenia, allowing students to earn extra cash for personal use. Student Service is the official agency that connects employers with students looking for a job. Employers post student jobs and internships on the Student Service website, and students looking for work in Slovenia can search and apply for the vacancies. Unlike other European countries, Slovenian students can officially work without losing their student status and all relevant privileges. This became possible thanks to the already mentioned Student Service. The main resource for finding student jobs is studentski-servis However, it can vary depending on university or faculty, because many educational institutions have career centres, and thus it is more logical to apply there. If an applicant already has a certain experience and qualification, it is worth trying to find a job at any of the available websites, which publish vacancies, and then to negotiate with an employer about work in Slovenia through Student Service.

Office hours


    Office hours and communication with students will take place only by e-mail through the colleagues of the Student Affairs Office.

    There will be no office hours at the school until 30 September 2020.

    If students need an individual consultation, please make an appointment with the staff of the Student Affairs Office by e-mail. At such a meeting, it is necessary to ensure that the NIJZ (National Institute of Public Health RS) guidelines are observed on both sides (employee and student).

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