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Which documents should I send?

Candidates for enrolment who have not finished secondary school at the application time should send only the e-application for enrolment by the deadline.

The candidates who have finished secondary school abroad must send:.

  • The original document on education or its identical copy or any other document replacing the original document in accordance with the laws of the country that issued the original document that the applicant wants recognized. (copies are not accepted)

      The document on education must be legalized based on:

    • The Hague Convention of 1961 (at the court of local jurisdiction where the certificate was acquired); the apostille stamp must be properly filled out or
    • The Act on Certification of Documents in the International Traffic.
  • A photocopy of the document(s) referred to the first bullet.
  • Certified Slovene or English translation of the certificate(s) referred to second bullet.
  • Annual report cards, transcripts, a diploma supplement or some other evidence on the contents and duration of education.
  • A short chronological description of the entire education process prepared by the candidate in Slovenian or English language.

See also: Documents for recognition of foreign secondary education


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