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Please send your questions to euroasiancea@ef.uni-lj.si

Please see FAQ also at the official Erasmus Mundus website: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus_mundus/tools/faq_en.php
Guidelines and Tips for Successful Erasmus Mundus Application

Which fields of study are available in Euro-Asian CEA project?

Please find details at Euro-Asian CEA II.

I'd like to find out which target group I belong to if I'm currently enrolled at the partner university (Tajik State University of Commerce) on my last year of study which finishes June 2013. I would like to apply for Masters and doubt about choosing Target 1 or Target 2 group. Please advice.

If you are enrolled at partner university at the time of submitting application, you belong to Target Group I.

Is it possible to send required documents after the deadline?

After the deadline no additional documents are accepted.

How many universities can I choose in application?

You may choose two different programmes at the same host university or at two different host universities.

What are language requirements for applying to study in EU?

Host universities have different language requirements. It is important to carefully study language requirements and language of instruction for study programmes you are interested in. All language requirements for Euro-Asian CEA II study programmes are available on this website.

What are selection criteria?

All applications are evaluated by host universities. Rankings consist of three parts:
  • Academic criteria (50%),
  • Language capacity (40%),
  • Motivation (10%).

Is it possible to do internship during Erasmus Mundus Euro-Asian CEA mobility?

The Erasmus Mundus, Action 2, Strand 1, Partnerships provides support to individual students, researchers and university staff who wish to spend a study / research / teaching period in one of the consortium partner universities.

What is the difference between exchange and degree programme?

An exchange student is a student (officially registered in a university or other institution for higher education) who temporarily lives in a foreign country and attends courses or is involved in other academic activities. The exchange period lasts minimum 1 semester and maximum 1 academic year. The exchange student does NOT get a diploma from the host university. A degree student registers at the host university and is no longer a student from the university at home. He/she pays tuition fee at the host university (covered by participation costs that grantee receives) and will obtain a diploma from the host university.

Is accommodation provided for students?

If student is selected for Erasmus Mundus Euro-Asian CEA mobility, he/she receives instructions regarding accommodation and other related issues from host university coordinator.

Can I submit application in other language then English?

English language should be used for online application form, but you may write motivation statement in other languages.

Can student / staff apply for a different type of mobility (e.g. PhD and staff mobility) in one application?

It is better to focus on one type of mobility.

Can student apply for master exchange and master degree programme at the same time?

To be eligible to apply for master exchange programme you need to be enrolled at university in home country. Student does not need to be enrolled in master programme to apply for master degree programme at host university.

Do all host universities offer study programmes in all thematic fields of study?

No, not all host universities offer study programmes in all thematic fields of study. All study programmes for Euro-Asian CEA II are available on this website.

How do I write a good motivation letter?

The best suggestion to write a good motivation letter, is to study webpage of host university you are interested in and to include reasons why you would like to study at that particular host university.

Euro-Asian CEA II application is closed.

There will be no new calls.

Grantee's Experience

SCHOLARSHIPS for students and academics to study/research/teach in one of the partner university. With the support of the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Union.

СТИПЕНДИИ Для студентов и профессорско-преподавательского состава для обучения/исследований/преподавания в одном их наших Европейских партнерских ВУЗах. При поддержке Эрасмус Мундус программы Европейского Союза

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  • info.euroasiancea@ef.uni-lj.si
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