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Scholarship agreement for Euro-Asian CEA II

Euro-Asian CEA Webinar Intercultural Training

Tailor-made online webinar for students and staff from Central Asia and EU. The webinar focuses on culture and perception, differences between cultures, time management and tolerance of uncertainty, task vs. relationship orientation, power distance and attitude to hierarchy, direct vs. indirect communication, feedback giving and receiving, behaviour, interpretation and values behind, culture shock, ambassador role, personal goals.

Focus on European Union


Focus on Central Asia


Subsistence allowance

Monthly allowance per type of mobility:

  • 1.000 EUR per month for bachelor and master students
  • 1.500 EUR per month for doctorate students
  • 1.800 EUR per month for post-doctorate students
  • 2.500 EUR per month for academic / administrative staff

The last month’s allowance will be paid according to the following formula and within the granted scholarship’s duration. Number of days studied/worked in the Host University:

  • less than 16 days = no allowance
  • 16 days or more = full month allowance
  • 1 month and 15 days = 1 month allowance
  • 1 month and 16 days = 2 months allowance


Euro-Asian CEA has signed agreement for Grantee insurance during the stay in European Union with the insurance company Dr. Walter erasmus-mundus-insurance.com Grantees will receive more detailed information by email.

Travel costs

Travel costs are set by the European Commission. The distance is calculated between the Home University (for Target Group 1) or the location of origin (for Target Group 2 and 3) and the Host University premises.

  • Distance 1.500 km – 2.500 km: maximum 1.000 EUR
  • Distance 2.500 km – 5.000 km: maximum 1.500 EUR
  • Distance 5.000 km – 10.000 km: maximum 2.000 EUR

Non-degree seeking mobility

Bachelor and Master Grantees: Learning Agreement

Doctorate and Post-Doctorate Grantees: Study and Research Plan

Academic/Administrative Staff Grantees: Study, Research, Training, Teaching Plan

Degree seeking mobility

Host University admission procedure

From nomination to mobility

  1. After Grantee receives a nomination letter from the Euro-Asian CEA coordinator, he/she needs to confirm the acceptance of the scholarship and submit signed Confirmation Statement.

  2. The Euro-Asian CEA coordinator informs the Host University about the final list of Grantees (and attaches the completed Confirmation Statement). Please be aware that Grantee nomination for scholarship does not imply automatic admission to Host University.

  3. The Host University starts the admission process and sends to Grantee a Letter of Acceptance with information regarding pre-arrival arrangements including visa/residence permit details, accommodation and orientation programme. Grantee needs to follow Hosting University admission procedures.

  4. Grantee sends the Euro-Asian CEA coordinator the Letter of Acceptance. Grantee needs to carefully check with the Host University the scholarship duration and the academic calendar before confirming the travel date. It may be safe to plan travel dates a few days before the start and a few days after the end of mobility.

  5. Euro-Asian CEA coordinator arranges traveling and insurance policy for the Grantee. Roundtrip ticket is within the budget scheme defined by European Commission. After the ticket is purchased Grantee is not allowed to change the travel dates, unless for exceptional cases due to academic reasons or force majeure. Costs for extra baggage will not be reimbursed by the Euro-Asian CEA. Grantee needs to send the original boarding passes to the Euro-Asian CEA coordinator by post.

  6. Grantee has to arrange a visa/residence permit (if applicable). It may take up to several months to obtain visa/residence permit, depending on the country of origin and county of destination. Grantee shall contact the Embassy of the country of destination in the country of residence for details regarding the requested documents.

  7. Upon arrival to Host University, Grantee and Host university coordinator sign the Euro-Asian CEA Scholarship Agreement. Grantee sends a scan of signed agreement to the Euro-Asian CEA coordinator.

  8. Upon arrival to Host University, Grantee and Host university coordinator sign Euro-Asian CEA Arrival/Departure Certificate.

  9. During mobility, Grantee needs to report to the Euro-Asian CEA coordinator each semester.

  10. Before the end of mobility, Grantee and Host university coordinator sign Euro-Asian CEA Arrival/Departure Certificate. Grantee sends a scan of signed certificate to the Euro-Asian CEA coordinator.

  11. Grantee needs to prepare and submit to Euro-Asian CEA coordinator the final report latest two weeks after the completion of the grant period.

Please note: Grantee should always scan and safe any document before submitting the originals.

Scholarship resignation letter

Student stories

You are very welcome to share your experience. Please send your story with photos or a link to your blog to info.euroasiancea@ef.uni-lj.si

Questionnaire - evaluation form

Please know that your last subsistence allowance will only be paid after completing the evaluation form.

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  • Euro-Asian CEA Coordinator
  • University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business
  • Kardeljeva pl. 17
  • 1000 Ljubljana
  • Slovenia
  • Tel. +386 1 5892 805
  • info.euroasiancea@ef.uni-lj.si
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