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About the programme

This is a post-experience international master’s programme in business administration designed for executives and policymakers seeking high-quality advanced management education or wishing to upgrade their managerial skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of a global business environment. The University of Ljubljana’s School of Economics and Business, in collaboration with International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE), is offering this intensive full-time international master’s programme with two modules: Public Sector Management and General Management.

The program offers the knowledge and skills that middle managers need for promotion to top management positions in international business careers.

A message from the programme director Professor Nevenka Hrovatin

Nevenka Hrovatin

The conditions of the global economy, with the ongoing impact of the economic crisis, have significantly changed. Therefore the role of the state in economic development has also changed, and the need to exchange best corporate management practices between the state and the private sector has grown. Economic reforms must be reinforced by the reorientation of executives and policymakers to enable them to acquire the skills essential for coping with the current challenges. Due to all these global economic changes and the needs of the state and private sector, the programme has been revised to meet the challenges of the current demanding business environment.

The School of Economics and Business successfully offered this programme for twenty-one years in partnership with the ICPE until 2010. In 2013 the renewed programme started being offered again with great success. This is one of the first international MBA programmes not only in Slovenia, but also in the wider central and eastern European region. To date approximately 650 students, including executives, senior managers, and policymakers from forty-five countries around the world, have participated in this programme.

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