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International Full Time Master Programme in Business Administration (IMB) open days 2016/2017

IMB students

All ambitious students are invited to attend the International Full Time Master Programme in Business Administration (IMB) open day that will be held at the IMB residential premises at the Faculty of Economics on:

THU, 20 April 2017

at 5 P.M.

TUE, 23 May 2017

The programme director, prof. dr. Janez Prašnikar, students and the representative of Alumni MBA Radovljica association will share their believes and experiences why IMB is one of the best post-graduate programmes in the region. They will also gladly answer any questions you may have concerning the IMB programme and your career opportunities.

Please confirm your attendance in advance to the IMB study coordinator Silva Pečarič via email silva.pecaric@ef.uni-lj.si.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the open day and discover whether the IMB study programme is an optimal way to achieve your academic and carrier ambitions.

Dear IMB students and the ones interested in joining the IMB community,


International Full Time Master Programme in Business administration (IMB) is an intensive Master Programme aimed at students from different educational backgrounds with and without working experience. Students are mixed between locals and foreigners coming from various cultures and countries. The IMB Programme emphasizes on a learning approach based on team work and case studies with international lecturers with excellent reputation coming from all over the world. This unique mix places IMB Programme among the top Master Programmes in this part of Europe. So, are you ready to enter your world of ambitions?

Alumni MBA Radovljica

MBA Radovljica

“More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject.” (Peter Drucker)

Alumni association MBA Radovljica is an organization formed by members who finished their studies at International Full Time Master Programme in Business Administration (IMB) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. The mission of Alumni MBA Radovljica is to foster and facilitate both ties among alumni and ties of alumni with companies and individuals that support the programme.

For more information please visit the Alumni MBA Radovljica web site.

Exchange and double-degree opportunities in nibes business school network

The IMB programme is part of the NIBES network, which is an international network of top business and economic schools from all over the world. Its members included business and economic schools from The United States of America, Japan, Germany, Denmark, France, Portugal, Russia, India, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia and many others.

Students of the IMB programme have a unique opportunity of obtaining double master degrees at selected NIBES business and economics schools, after completing the IMB course work load. Living and studying abroad provides a precious opportunity of expanding both, professional and personal horizons. Please visit NIBES official website for more information or contact the programme director, Janez Prašnikar, PhD.


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Student Manager

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Programme Director:

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