One of the first steps when arriving to a new city is finding a place to stay! SEB LU does not provide or guarantee accommodation for Exchange students in Ljubljana; however, we send some private accommodation options to our SEBuddies, local students who assist Exchange students in finding housing during their stay in Ljubljana.

UL Student Organization’s International Office will provide students with a list of available options regarding private accommodation. All available rooms/apartments are located within the Ljubljana public transportation zone. The housing market in Ljubljana is very seasonal therefore we strongly advise Exchange students to book some temporary accommodation for the first week of their stay in Ljubljana, while searching for private accommodation.

Another option is to search through different online platforms. To help students find their new place abroad, University of Ljubljana has partnered with HousingAnywhere. Through the platform, students can book a room, offered by Slovenian outgoing students or by verified landlords. Students can sign up by clicking here.

More information about accommodation for Exchange students can also be found at University of Ljubljana’s website

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