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Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana in Kosovo

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana is an institution that gives its students the highest quality knowledge and a focus on real-life business. This is proven by it having received two of the most important international accreditations in the business education field – the European EQUIS and the American AACSB.

The Faculty of Economics decided to offer some of its best business seminars and masters programmes also in Kosovo. Its aim is to share its experience and to impart knowledge necessary for individuals and companies in Kosovo to be even more successful. Soon we will offer even more programmes and business education from our vast portfolio.


FELU Kosovo recently had the lecture on topic “»Eurozone crisis: origins, current trends, and perspectives« that was delivered by prof. Mojmir Mrak, Jean Monnet Chair holder at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana.

Programmes in Kosovo

Master in Bank and Financial Management

The master’s programme in financial management covers broad area of financial management of businesses, banks, other financial institutions, as well as operation of financial markets with international perspective and international financial institutions. >>>

Master in Entrepreneurship

The master’s programme Entrepreneurship provides students with the knowledge, skills and tools required to identify opportunities and to translate promising ideas to either launch a new firm or to expand an existing one >>>

More about the Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana

Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana is a national leader and an internationally recognised institution in the area of business and economics. EQUIS and AACSB accreditations rank it among the best 88 business schools in the world that have both most important accreditations – American and European. Moreover it is the only faculty to have both in the Central and Eastern Europe. Accreditations are the hallmark of excellence in management education and confirm the FELU’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

One of the crucial factors in today’s economy is innovation. In order for companies, financial institutions, and countries as well, to develop competitive advantages in the field of management and organization, they need to be as innovative as they can. Furthermore gaining specific knowledge is necessary and this is why continuous learning is so important. Educated human resources play a crucial role at effectively forming and using competitive knowledge and this is the point where the FELU enters. It offers a wide range of specific courses, designed to disseminate theory into practice.

Lack of time in today’s rapidly changing and challenging world is one of the major obstacles between managers and continuous learning. Therefore the FELU is offering an opportunity to tailor education specifically to individual needs and preferences.

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