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Master in Entrepreneurship

in Prishtina, Kosovo

The Master’s programme Entrepreneurship provides students with the knowledge, skills and tools required to identify opportunities and to translate promising ideas to either launch a new firm or to expand an existing one. The programme is practically-oriented , it is designed to support people whose goal is not only to learn about business, but to actually start a new firm and/or operate an existing small firm.

Letter from the Programme Director

The programme director is full professor at the Faculty of Economics, Tea Petrin, Ph.D., who has years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and inovation. >>>

Programme delivery and location

The programme lasts for two years. Lectures are held on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (at some courses also on Thursday afternoon) twice a month at the FELU’s premises in Prishtina. The defence of Master thesis will be held in Ljubljana. >>>


The programme lasts for two years and consists of 11 courses. The training organised in small groups ensures active and equal participation of all students in the training, practical activities and individual papers through which the programme is implemented. >>>

Admission and Tuition

We are looking forward to accepting candidates who need practical knowledge of Entrepreneurship and are looking forward to establishing wide network of colleagues from the field. >>>

“A successful Kosovo can only be a land of dynamic, entrepreneurial economic entities that demand entrepreneurial knowledge and developmental visions.”

Programme Director, Tea Petrin, Ph.D.

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