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Admission and tuition

The admission requirements are:

  • a bachelor's degree,
  • fluent command of English,
  • knowledge of fundamentals of financial management and statistics.

The studies begin in October/November 2015 with the opening ceremony. Pre-applications should be sent by May 31, 2015 to the following address:

Faculty of Economics
University of Ljubljana
Campus Prishtina
Str.Ali Hadri, nn
Industrial Zone Prishtina
Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

Application should include:

  • motivation letter,
  • certificate of previous studies.

Final applications are due on 11 November, 2015. The interviews with the candidates for the study programme, conducted by the programme director, will be held after that date.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the two-year study programme is EUR 8,700 per year and is payable in four installments. It covers the preparation and realisation of the programme in Prishtina, lectures, mentorship and defense of the Master’s dissertation, as well as course material and the complete organisation of the studies with catering between coffee breaks.


The Faculty of Economics managed to obtain funds of EUR 2,700 per year per student. Therefore, one year payment for all who meet the admission criteria amounts to EUR 6,000. Amount of tuition fee can be payed in maximum 4 instalments of EUR 3,000 in the period of two years.

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