Living in Ljubljana

In this section, we have gathered some practical information that might be useful before arrival and during your stay here in Ljubljana

About Slovenia

The Republic of Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe where the Alps face the Pannonia plains and the Mediterranean meets the mysterious Karst. >>>

About Ljubljana

It is a city of culture and a rich historical legacy which offers all the friendliness of a small town and at the same time everything that a capital city should offer. >>>

Cost of living

Average prices of accommodation, transportation, food, study materials in Ljubljana. >>>


Students have the option of staying in the dormitories or private accommodation. They can find accommodation with the help of SEBuddies and student organizations. >>>

Student Organizations

Student organizations assist students in different areas of students’ lives by providing students with practical information regarding accommodation and subsidized student meals, as well as organizing social activities. >>>

Residency Permit

Procedures for obtaining a residency permit are different for EU and non-EU citizens. >>>

Sports Activities

Students are welcome to participate in sports acitivites organized by the SEB LU free of charge. Check out the many different activities that we offer.>>>

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