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The official programme consists of a set of individual full time courses in English that take place during the same 3-week period in July. The courses are open to undergraduates, graduate students and recent graduates.

There are 10 lecture days of 3 hours per course per day. Additionally the study of each course includes additional hours of independent study, homework, group work etc. The examination takes place on the last Friday (unless agreed otherwise with the lecturer).

If all course requirements are fulfilled, an official Transcript of records (certificate indicating the courses followed and the amount of ECTS credits earned) is awarded. In addition, each participant receives an official Certificate of Attendance. The ECTS credits can be transferred in line with the participant’s home university policy. It is the participant’s obligation to obtain information about the course recognition rules at the home university before applying for the programme.

Each participant can apply for one or two courses. When applying for two courses, the timetable has to be considered (the chosen courses have to take place in different time slots).

It is required to carefully read the course syllabus before sending the online application, especially the prerequisites for attending a chosen course.

Courses offered in 2018


Business Plan Development/Lean Start-ups Course >>> ECTS: 6
Corporate Finance >>> ECTS: 6
Developing Intercultural Competences >>> ECTS: 6
Electronic Business >>> ECTS: 6
Gamification and Digital marketing >>> ECTS: 6
Global Finance and World Markets >>> ECTS: 6
Innovative Wine Management >>> ECTS: 6
Interactive International Marketing Strategy >>> ECTS: 6
Intercultural Communication in Business English >>> ECTS: 6
International Business in a Globalized World >>> ECTS: 6
International Business Law >>> ECTS: 6
International Negotiation and Modern Diplomacy >>> ECTS: 6
International Organizational Behaviour >>> ECTS: 6
Macroeconomics >>> ECTS: 6
Managing Innovation and Exploiting Breakthrough Ideas >>> ECTS: 6
Powerful Presentations >>> ECTS: 6
Psychology for Managers >>> ECTS: 6
Social Responsibility and Ethics in Global Business >>> ECTS: 6
Strategic Management >>> ECTS: 6
Strategy and Negotiation in Multicultural Environments >>> ECTS: 6
Talent Management >>> ECTS: 6
The Entrepreneurial Mind-set >>> ECTS: 6
Understanding a Changing China: Key Issues for Business >>> ECTS: 6

Bachelor courses (final year of study) & Master courses:

Multivariate Analysis >>> ECTS: 6
Change Leadership >>> ECTS: 7
Cryptoeconomics >>> ECTS: 7
Data Analytics: Tools to Analyse Big Data >>> ECTS: 7
Digital and Social Media Marketing >>> ECTS: 7
How Behavioural Economics can explain Soccer >>> ECTS: 7
Real Estate Valuation and Finance >>> ECTS: 7
Strategic Brand Management: meaning, value and culture >>> ECTS: 7
Supply Chain Management >>> ECTS: 7

We reserve the right to cancel a course if we fail to recruit at least 15 participants per course, or if any other circumstances beyond our control prevent us from delivering it. You will be informed about the possible cancellation of a course by the early bird payment deadline by email. In case of such cancellation, we will offer the possibility to register for a different course.

The maximum number of participants per course is limited on case-by-case basis according to the demand.


Save the dates!
2 – 20 July 2018

Application period:
January – June 2018

Application and payment deadline:
8 June 2018

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