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Do you keep asking yourself: Why? How? Is there a different way? Do you want to realize your own vision and find the strategy to achieve your goals? If the answer is Yes, join the IBA programme at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. If you are not sure about the quality of the programme and the teaching staff, you can find the answer easily: Just google!

Dimitar Serafimov / Makedonski Telecom AD, Skopje

Studying at the IBA programme at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana Slovenia has enabled me to gain invaluable in-depth knowledge and solid economics and business education. I have learned to think in a critical way and gained problem-solving skills. I have also learned to understand, analyse and utilize quantitative data to make better economic and business decisions and to present complex issues in coherent written statements and in oral presentations. Thanks to all my professors!

Marija G. Masin, Head of Marketing Department / Alpha Bank Ad, Skopje

As I see it, the IBA programme provides essential knowledge and skills for our future carriers. The programme has helped me to reshape the way of thinking in terms of international markets and updated knowledge, to learn streamlined methods of doing business and to get the privilege to learn from marvellous and most eminent professors in this part of Europe.

Mentor Pllana, CEO / Besi-Bp Company, Kosovo

We cannot change other people, we can only change ourselves. Investing in ourselves is the true power. I invested in myself by enrolling at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. I made the right decision and got what I wanted; knowledge, practice and a prestigious diploma, all of which I utilize in my professional life. Lectures given by prestigious professors combine the theory and practice. I met people from different professional backgrounds, shared experiences, and built a valuable professional network.
Verita Aktash, HR Consultant / Trainer and Coach

Always wanting to do and learn something more, I was in a deep search for the right thing. Once I went to the Fair to do some business and by chance drop in the class of professors Vlado Dimovski and Sandra Penger. In an hour of their lecture, I realized that I found what I was looking for.

Lecture after lecture, exam after exam I am more and more satisfied and more and more happy for the right choice I did!

Antoaneta Kirova Veselinovska / OFFICE PLUS

Continuous engagements with the Faculty each month made us to be more organized and prepared for successful performance in today's business environment.
Lectures are organized with constant interaction between professors and students which encourages the students to be more proactive. Thus lectures are easier to learn. Through projects that are prepared during studies, we get to know the world economic trends and their operation and application in the real economy. We build our teamwork and brainstorm creative ideas for many topics.
Particular I want to address my remarks to potential and future students of the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana in Skopje, to continue to invest in their own knowledge, and I hope that together we will share the vision of successful business people in the global business environment.

Ana Temova / Stopanska Banka AD Skopje

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