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"Do you keep asking yourself: Why? How? Is there a different way? Do you want to realize your own vision and find the strategy to achieve your goals? If the answer is Yes, join the IBA programme at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. If you are not sure about the quality of the programme and the teaching staff, you can find the answer easily: Just google!"

Dimitar Serafimov Dimitar Serafimov / Makedonski Telecom AD, Skopje

"The MBA Programme at the University of Ljubljana is perfectly suited for working professionals who are looking to get a competitive edge formoving further ahead in their careers. During my studies, I had the chance to learn first hand from esteemed professors about how businesses function on a daily basis, how they develop strategies to achieve long-term goals, and how they make use of qualitatives."

Visar Hapciu Visar Hapciu / Policy Manager of the American Chamber
of Commerce in Kosovo

"We cannot change other people, we can only change ourselves. Investing in ourselves is the true power. I invested in myself by enrolling in the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. I made the right decision and got what I wanted; knowledge, practice and a prestigious diploma, all of which I utilize in my professional life. Lectures were given by renowned professors combining theory and practice. I met people from different professional backgrounds, I shared experience and built a valuable professional network."
Verita Aktash Verita Aktash / HR Consultant & Trainer and Coach

"As I see it, the IBA programme provides essential knowledge and skills for our future carriers. The programme has helped me to reshape the way of thinking in terms of international markets and updated knowledge, to learn streamlined methods of doing business and to get the privilege to learn from marvellous and most eminent professors in this part of Europe."

mentor Pllana Mentor Pllana, CEO / Besi-Bp Company, Kosovo

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