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MBA Programme

Why should FELU MBA be your first choice?

About the programme

The MBA at FELU is a postgraduate business education suitable for those who need practical knowledge of economic and business fundamentals. >>>

Why choose MBA at FELU?

FELU is a well-known institution with 65 years of tradition in economic and business education. Reach your fullest potential and join our faculty with high international and domestic reputation. >>>

Programme structure

Five modules are systematically connected so participants can acquire the managerial knowledge and skills they need for their professional careers.>>>

Become one of the MBA participants

Are you faced with an important step in your career? Are new trends, skills and knowledge expected from you? FELU MBA can prepare you for important steps in your professional and personal career. Become a future leader as an MBA participant at FELU. >>>

Tuition fee

Details about MBA programme fee and flexible terms of payment.>>>

How to apply?

Find out which criteria's you need to fulfill and how to apply. >>>

[+introtext+] Experience FELU MBA

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More information about the programme:

MBA Programme Director, Andreja Cirman, PhD.: "MBA is a fruitful seed of a successful business and personal life"

Read more >>>

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