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Consulting projects for companies

Strategic and innovative solutions for your challenges

MBA participants conclude the programme with intensive consulting projects where they are preparing strategic solutions for the company that is their client in the process.

During their second year of the programme they work in teams of 4-5 participants, together with a mentor from the FELU in order to design a solution for the company that is supported with research facts and suggestions.

While the projects play an important role in the learning process, they are also intended to be of real value to the client organizations.

The project is developed in:

Stage 1: Problem framing and analysis which covers:

  • Framing of initial managerial problem, challenge.
  • Analysing the industry and company data to better understand the problem with threats, opportunities around it.
  • Application of the ideas, concepts and insights discussed in scientific and professional literature to better understand the problem threats and opportunities around it.
  • Presentation of the findings from industry and company analysis to the client organization.

Stage 2: Solution search and selection of best implementation strategy covers

  • Generation and articulate a set of integrated solution to the problem.
  • Identification of key unknowns (what would need to be true in order to prefer ach upon over the alternatives).
  • Conducting the additional analysis required to resolve the unknowns.
  • Choosing among the options in the face of residuals uncertainty.
  • Developing the execution plan.
  • Pitching the recommendations and execution plan to the client organization.

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