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The FELU MBA offers everything you need to rise from middle to top management positions in your international business career.

During the programme you will:

  • develop a global business worldview with a focus on market developments, practices and technologies,
  • develop a capacity for analysis, assessment, judgment and action within different functional and business areas,
  • develop a capacity for effective judgment and action when faced with severe time constraints, complex and ambigous data, high business risks, and conflicting expactations of stakeholders,
  • develop skills in listening, sense-making, public speaking, persuasion and conflict resolution when dealing with tough leadership issues and
  • enhance the capacity to deal with the ambiguities and intricacies of business life in the spirit of a sustainable future for business and society based on highest standards of ethical and moral integrity.

See yourself in different profiles and become one of our MBA participants.

We welcome:

Managers and entreprenuers

You hold on a management position, you lead project teams or you own a company.

Ambitious technical experts

You have technical education and you hold an important position where managerial skills are also expected.

Motivated individuals

You are proactive when it comes to achieving your personal and business goals that are nowadays usually intertwined. Knowledge, integrity and personal development are your important values.
»Think globally – study locally«.
You need a more developed international spirit and knowledge?
Your business would like to become more globally business oriented?
Are travelling and experiencing different cultures an important part of your business and personal life?

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More information about the programme:

MBA Programme Director, Andreja Cirman, PhD.: "MBA is a fruitful seed of a successful business and personal life"

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