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Anja Strojin Štampar, Board member, Slovenia

Working as a manager for quite some years and having a legal background I felt that I need to sharpen my long-term experience with some managerial knowledge and skills. I’ve chosen FELU MBA.

The courses were really insightful, combining just enough theory that was supported with practical advices where we were encouraged to apply what we've learned in classes to our everyday work, to our concrete managerial challenges that we were facing.

A great added value was also my peers in the classroom. Coming from other companies, industries we had a great chance to discuss and solve similar managerial problems from different angles.

I really liked the structure and really good organization of the programme. Being a top manager it was really convenient for me that the classes were organized on Fridays and Saturdays.

I would definitely suggest choosing this programme. You will invest time and sometimes it gets really intense, but at the end I must say it was really worth it. I have a feeling that I really improved my managerial and leadership skills.

Marilyne Trendel, France, Independent consultant

Personally, I’m coming from and engineering sector and FELU MBA programme was an amazing experience since it really opened my mind in some areas. It really helped me improved my knowledge on managerial skills, finance and leadership. I liked how the modules are connected to one another. The course that you complete is already useful and beneficial for the following ones.

I would recommend the programme for people looking for a breakthrough point because it will really help them enhance their career.

Mahmoud Mouaz, Egypt, Sales manager

I always believe that I should prepare myself for my next step in the future and I knew that I wanted to do MBA. During my professional career and lots of experience in sales and marketing I’ve realised that I was missing some knowledge in finance, accounting and also leadership skills to back everything up. Because in my next step I want to be more of a coach than just a “do-er” and more of a strategist than an implementer.

The professors are really professional and they are not only delivering the message but they are sharing a story and they are sharing the experience. It’s not just giving lecture, it's a dialogue. They are always available for conversation, discussion and they keep the discussions motivated and this motivation needs a lot of coaching skills. So for me they were not professors, but practitioners sharing with their experience.

As an executive the programme opened my eyes to a new world, to new horizons. You’ll go back every week to your job, family thinking how can I do things better. Self-driven and motivated person will always ask him/herself, how to make a difference.

I believe that this programme motivates and pushes the participants to go back to their jobs and their lives to create a difference. I believe that this programme is an investment into the future and that is preparing the participants for their next step in their careers.

Dino Šterpin, Marketing Manager, Slovenia

For me FELU MBA was an extraordinary experience. Not only the structure, lecturers, organization…the programme as a whole has something extra, something that you cannot find in the brochures and it makes the programme unique. That's the positive energy that the FELU MBA team was able to create for us candidates with their special engagement, availability, caring for us each step of the way. That's why this programme has something extra. For that I sincerely congratulate the FELU team.

Marko Pavšek, Assistant Director, Slovenia

I was directed to the FELU MBA programme by my employer. I was happy to accept the challenge because the study facilitated both work and studies at the same time; it was simply not possible for me to leave work for several days and focus only on my studies.

The advantage of such an approach is that you can keep in touch with your family which is crucial if you have small children.

Since my primary educational background is natural sciences and I work in an economic sector, I wanted to understand the logic behind into depth. This was very well presented by the lecturers, followed by practical examples and real-life case-studies.

During the studies, I also met many new friends with whom I have remained in contact. I also appreciated their support throughout the studies as much team-work was necessary.

I would recommend this programme to all who aren’t afraid of new challenges; those who are eager to learn something new and want to expand their horizons; and to those who don’t want solutions to be served but the problems to be resolved. I believe it is safe to say that it will not be easy, but it will surely be memorable!

Matej Kurent, Business Development Director, Slovenia

FELU MBA offers optimal combination of (accredited) quality, reputable tradition in economic education and available flexibility to cope with demanding study duties on usually heavy load of work and business related part.

The study offers you new dimensions, different perspectives, new knowledge and mainly opens up your mind to new and different way of thinking.

The decision to join FELU MBA was finally the decision to become a part of priceless network of professionals and friends. Among the comprehensive knowledge gained, this is the part which justifies the fact, that my decision was the right one.

Zoran Metikoš, translation business owner

Faced with growing complexity of the ever-changing business world, and having no background in economics, I realized it was high time for a change in my life - anything that might help me break the stalemate. I desperately needed new knowledge, behaviour, leadership skills, mind-set, and culture, just to name a few things to boost my professional and personal development. The new journey into new worlds began with the FELU MBA brochure whose text promised to meet my wants and needs.

And it has been an arduous task assigned to myself and by myself. Every new course at the beginning often seemed a rocket science and I felt like not measuring up. But once courses ended, I was richer for astonishing revelations reflecting new knowledge and experiences immediately applicable to day-to-day business situations. More valuable gain in this MBA has come from the classmates whose previous knowledge and experiences, traits, attitudes and values enriched me to the extent that I began to change myself tremendously and rapidly.

After all the inner turmoil, rocky and bumpy roads when studying for the exams, preparing cases, working on projects, I dare say that I haven’t experienced only a change, but a transformation as I am miles away from the person I was two years ago. Thank you my dear colleagues and the FELU MBA team for opening my eyes wider to see new paths and challenges that I am now able to rise to.

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