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Tuition fee

Tuition fee for two-year part-time MBA study at FELU is € 14,900 and includes all the lectures and exams, tutorial work, workshops, mandatory academic literature and excursion trip at the end of the study. It can be paid in two instalments at the begining of each study year.

Tuition fee 2015/2016:

14.900€ till 30th September 2015,

16.900€ after 30th September 2015.

For companies

Support your employees while they are deciding to make a step forward and want to become one of the future MBA participants. It is proven that those employees that are upgrading their knowledge and skills are more at least two times more productive than others.

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More information about the programme:

MBA Programme Director, Andreja Cirman, PhD.: "MBA is a fruitful seed of a successful business and personal life"

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