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Alenka Slavec Gomezel, PhD

Associate Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Entrepreneurship (Regular Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 11:00 in P-338
Curriculum Vitae
Alenka Slavec Gomezel, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the department of Entrepreneurship at the School of Economics and Business, Ljubljana University, Slovenia. Specializing in the psychology of entrepreneurs, she received her PhD in 2013 from the School of Economics and Business, Ljubljana University. Her research focuses on the psychology of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial exit. She is also interested in SME financing, innovativeness and growth. Dr. Slavec Gomezel received two awards for her doctoral dissertation: the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA) 1st prize and the Trimo research award. Dr. Slavec Gomezel has published her work in several international journals and books and has participated at several research conferences on entrepreneurship and innovation. In 2009, Dr. Slavec Gomezel has been awarded with the Academy of Management 10 best papers. For her undergraduate thesis, Dr. Slavec Gomezel received research awards from Bank of Slovenia, SID Bank and Preseren Award from School of Economics and Business, Ljubljana University. Dr. Slavec Gomezel has been involved in several international and national research projects and was a visiting researcher at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona, USA, and at the Columbia Business School, New York, USA. She is a reviewer for Economics and Business Review. Dr. Slavec Gomezel teaches several business oriented courses and likes to develop business ideas with her students. She loves spending time with her family, friends, and cat, she likes to travel and meet new people. She practices trx, acroyoga, cycling, and rollerblading.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
    The relationships between technological turbulence, flow experience, innovation performance and small firm growth
  • Journal of business economics and management : transition processes in Central and Eastern Europe (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • BOOTH, Michelle, SHIN, Hyemi, SLAVEC GOMEZEL, Alenka
    Human resource management challenges in a Slovenian social enterprise : a case study
  • International journal of human resource development practice, policy & research (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
    Open Innovation : it starts with the leader's openness
  • Innovation : management, policy and practice, in press, 2019 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
    A mixed-method design for developing a measure of entrepreneurial openness, (SAGE Research Methods Cases)
  • London: SAGE Publications, 2018. 15 pages (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
    Exploring antecedents of business angels' intention to invest
  • Zbornik radova Ekonomskog fakulteta u Rijeci : časopis za ekonomsku teoriju i praksu, 2018, vol. 36, no. 2, str. 701-734 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
    An exploration of an entrepreneur’s open innovation mindset in an emerging country
  • Management Decisions, 2018, vol. 59, iss. 9, str. 1869-1882 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • SLAVEC Alenka, DRNOVŠEK Mateja, HISRICH Robert D.
    Entrepreneurial openness: Concept development and measure validation
  • European Management Journal, 2017, Vol. 35, No. 2, p. 211-223 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
    Firm financing and growth: The influence of owner’s and firm’s characteristics
  • Dynamic Relationships Management Journal, 2017, Vol 6, No. 2, p. 3-16 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • RANGUS Kaja, SLAVEC Alenka
    The interplay of decentralization, employee involvement and absorptive capacity on firms' innovation and business performance
  • Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2017, Vol. 120, p. 195-203 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
    Unlocking latent creativity with rapid prototyping
  • Traditiones, 2017, Vol 46, No, 1-2 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • SLAVEC, Alenka
    Bank financing and trade credit use of Slovenia small firms: an empirical examination
  • Transformations in business & economics, 2014, vol. 13, no. 2 (32), str. 91-101 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • DRNOVŠEK, Mateja, SLAVEC, Alenka, CARDON, Melissa S.
    Cultural context, passion and self-efficacy: do entrepreneurs operate on different 'planets'?
  • Handbook of entrepreneurial cognition, 2014, str. 227-253 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • SLAVEC, Alenka, PRODAN, Igor
    The Slovenian automotive cluster
  • Cluster development in the Czech Republic and Slovenia, 2014, str. 55-84 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • SLAVEC, Alenka
    1. nagrada na 2014 EDAMBA (European Doctoral Association of Management and Business Administration) tekmovanju doktorskih disertacij
  • EDAMBA 2014 Awards (Award)
  • SLAVEC, Alenka, DRNOVŠEK, Mateja
    A perspective on scale development in entrepreneurship research
  • Economic and Business Review, 2012, vol. 14, no. 1, p. 39-62 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • ADLEŠIČ, Renata Valentina, SLAVEC, Alenka
    Social capital and business incubators performance : testing the structural model
  • Economic and Business Review, 2012, vol. 14, no. 3, p. 201-222 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • SLAVEC, Alenka, PRODAN, Igor
    The influence of entrepreneur's characteristics on small manufacturing firm debt financing
  • Journal of East European Management Studies, 2012, vol. 17, iss. 1, p. 104-130 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • Full Bibliography of Published Articles (COBISS)
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