Anastas Vangeli, PhD

Assistant Professor 

  • Academic Unit for International Economics and Business (Regular Member)
Curriculum Vitae
Anastas Vangeli is an Assistant Professor at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. His research focuses on Global China and its ideational impact, Europe-China relations, economic nationalism, and non-market strategy in the context of global uncertainty. He holds a PhD from the Graduate School of Social Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, and master degrees from Renmin University of China, Beijing, and Central European University, Budapest.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • Vangeli, A.
    Belt and Road and China's Attempt at Region Building in Central, East and Southeast Europe
  • Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 49/1, 2020: 14-32, (Peer Reviewed Articles)
  • Vangeli, A.
    Diffusion of Ideas in the era of the Belt and Road: Insights from China–CEE Think Tanks Cooperation
  • Asia Europe Journal, 17, 2019: 421–436. (Peer Reviewed Articles)
  • Vangeli, A. & Pavlicevic, D.
    Introduction: New Approaches to the Study of China–CEE Relations
  • Asia Europe Journal 17, 2019: 361–368. (Peer Reviewed Articles)
  • Vangeli, A.
    Global China and Symbolic Power: The Case of 16 plus 1 Cooperation
  • Journal of Contemporary China 27, 2018: 674–687. (Peer Reviewed Articles)
  • Vangeli, A.
    China’s engagement with ‘the sixteen’ countries of Central–East and Southeast Europe under the BRI
  • China & World Economy, 25/5, 2017: 101–124. Top cited CWE article in 2019 (Peer Reviewed Articles)
  • Wang Z. & Vangeli, A.
    Rules and Norms of Leadership Succession in China: From Deng Xiaoping to Xi Jinping and Beyond
  • The China Journal, 76, 2016: 24–40. (Peer Reviewed Articles)
  • Vangeli, A.
    Nation–building Ancient Macedonian style: the origins and the effects of the so–called antiquization in Macedonia
  • Nationalities Papers, 39: 1, 2011, 13–32. (Peer Reviewed Articles)
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