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Denis Marinšek, PhD, CFA

Assistant Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research (Regular Member)
Curriculum Vitae
Denis Marinšek was born on April 25th 1987 in Ljubljana. He finished Gimnazija Bežigard and enrolled at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in 2006. He finished his undergraduate degree in Mathematical Economics with an average grade of 9.78/10.00. Under the supervision of prof. dr. Aljoša Valentinčič he wrote a Bachelor thesis on the topic of value investing, for which he received the Prešeren award of the FELU. In the year 2009 he enrolled in the International Master in Business Administration, module Finance. He finished the program with an average grade of 9.20/10.00 and wrote the master thesis “Financial Behavior of Slovenian Manufacturing Companies in period 2006-2009” under the supervision of prof. dr. Aljoša Valentinčič. For his work he received a second Prešeren award of the FELU. In the year 2011 he enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Statistics, module Economic and Business Statistics. In his dissertation, he analyzed the application of multilevel linear modeling on corporate capital structure, movements of capital structure of European firms during the period 2005-2011, and the impact of indebtedness on a firm’s performance. During his doctoral study, he successfully passed all three levels of the Charter Financial Analyst programme and became a CFA charter holder in 2013. After finishing his master degree, he was employed at PDP, Special Company for Corporate Advisory, Inc., as an investment manager for a period of one year. Later he returned to the FELU, where he is currently holding the position of teaching assistant. He started his teaching career in the year 2009 and is currently teaching Slovenian and English undergraduate and graduate courses on statistics and multivariate analysis. His academic research is concentrated in finance.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
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