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Jaka Cepec, PhD

Associate Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Management and Organisation (Regular Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 9:00 in ZOOM
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • Cepec J., Kovač M.,
    Carrots and sticks as incentive mechanisms for the optimal initiation of insolvency proceedings.
  • Danube (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • Cepec, Jaka
    Corporate insolvency law - a necessity of market economy, lessons from history and Slovenia = Diritto fallimentare (delle società commerciali) : un bisogno di economia di mercato, lezioni dalla storia e dalla Slovenia
  • Acta Histriae, ISSN 1318-0185, 2014, letn. 22, 3, str. 765-790 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • Cepec J.
    Rescue and restructuring the state aid
  • Economic evidence in EU competition law, (Eu[code345]opean studies in law and economics, 18) (ed. M.Kova[code269], VANDENBERGHE, Ann-Sophie) (Poglavje v monografiji)
  • Cepec J.
    Neues kroatisches Insolvenzgesetz.
  • WiRO (Izvrni znanstveni članek (nem))
  • Cepec Jaka
    Insolvezplanverfahren in slowenischen Recht - Darstellung und kritische Analyse
  • WiRO, ISSN 0941-6293, 2015, 20, nu. 5, str. 129-134 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • CEPEC, Jaka, ZGAGA, Sabina
    Constitutional right to the privacy of correspondence and other means of communication as a potential obstacle to enforcement of EU and national Antitrust Law in Slovenia.
  • GERBRANDY, Anna; BERENDS, Woute-Jan; Removing obstacles : a mutual learning experience towards good practices in competition law enforcement, Europa Instituut Utrecht, 4). The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, cop. 2012, str. 83-104. (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • Cepec, Jaka
    Položaj terjatev delavcev v insolvenčnih postopkih : pravno-ekonomska in primerjalno-pravna analiza.
  • Delavci in delodajalci, ISSN 1580-6316, 2014, letn. 14, 399-426 (Izvirni znanstveni članek)
  • Full Bibliography of Published Articles (COBISS)
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