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Jože Rovan, PhD

Associate Professor 

  • Skype: joze.rovan 
Curriculum Vitae
I was born in Ljubljana in a family of lawyers and university teachers. After finishing elementary school, I continued my education at the Bežigrad Gymnasium in Ljubljana, then at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, where I graduated in 1978. During my studies, I had three years of performing the work of a demonstrator in the subject of the Statistical Method. After a short period of employment at the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for statistics and after serving a military service, I was employed as a statistical assistant at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in March 1979, where I led the exercises in Statistics 2 and Statistics 3. My mentors were prof. dr. Marjan Blejec and prof. dr. Blazenka Kosmelj. In 1980, I enrolled in postgraduate studies in Statistical Analysis in economics at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, where in 1987 I also defended my master's thesis entitled "Observing the multivariate character of economic values ​​by the method of principal components and factor analysis" (mentor prof. Milena Jović). I received the title of Master of Science in Statistics. In 1989, for 11 months, I advanced my professional education at the School of Business, Indiana University, in Bloomington, USA. I worked as Visiting Lecturer in Decision Sciences. In 1991, I defended my doctoral thesis entitled "Andrew's Curves in Correspondence Analysis" at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana (mentor Prof. Dr. Anuška Ferligoj). I got the title doctor of information-management sciences. In 1991, I started to teach courses in Statistics 2 and Statistics 3 in undergraduate studies, and in the following years, statistical courses in postgraduate studies (Statistical Methods for Managers, Statistical Methods for Auditors, Seminar Use of data bases and statistical methods for external trade analysis, Multivariate analysis, Multivariate Analysis for Business Decisions, Analytical methods in tourism, Methods and techniques of research work). In the interdisciplinary doctoral program of the University of Ljubljana, I am the holder of the Categorical Data Analysis course. In 1992, I was elected to the title of assistant professor, in 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015, in the title of associate professor for the field of statistics. The part of my research work is intended in the field of multivariate analysis and in its framework, in particular, correspondence analysis and the construction of composite indicators. I have presented my research work in scientific articles and monographs. I have been active in various roles in the Statistical Society of Slovenia, as a member of the editorial board of the magazine Methodological volumes, as a member of the program committee of the international conference Applied Statistics, etc. At the Faculty of Economics, I was in the period from 1997 to 2001 in charge of the Department of Statistics, and since 1990, I was first coordinator for informatics and didactic equipment, and until 2014 the coordinator for the didactic equipment. A few tomes I was also a member of the Senate of the Faculty of Economics. For over 45 years, I have been volunteering in the bodies of the Alpine Association of Slovenia, such as a hiking and cycling guide, an instructor, a leader of team for constructing of mountain paths, a cartografer, etc.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
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