Katarina Katja Mihelič, PhD

Full Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Management and Organisation (Regular Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 12:45 in P-312
Curriculum Vitae
Katarina Katja Mihelic is a Researcher and Full Professor of Management and Organization at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. She was a visiting researcher at University of Vienna (Austria) and Northumbria University (United Kingdom). Her research interests include work-family intersections, ethical behavior and engagement. She investigates factors that contribute to individual success and explores how values influence individual's actions at work and in personal life. She has received different awards for her research (e.g. at the prestigious AOM and EURAM conferences). She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to human interaction and behavior in organizations. In her work with organizations she is committed to exploring which individual characteristics are crucial for solving the work-family challenges and lead to work engagement and meaningful lives. She has led workpackage of a Horizon 2020 (EU-funded) project, which deals with global entrepreneurial talent management. The consortium consists of project partners from five different countries.

Selected Research and Consulting Activities
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