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Katja Babič

Teaching Assistant 

  • Academic Unit for Management and Organisation (Regular Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 10:00 in R-312
Curriculum Vitae
Katja Babič is a Master of Science in the field of management. She currently pursuing a PhD and she is a young researcher in the field of management. Her research interest represents the study of the concepts of prosocial motivation and knowledge hiding and researching the relationships between this two constructs. She is also teaching assistant for the course Human Resource Management. During postgraduate studies she dealt with the study of the concept of motivation and authentic leadership in an organization where hers master's thesis and for the great study success received Prešeren Award (2015). During her studies she also received annuals award of Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. At the time of writing master's thesis, she worked in Deloitte Slovenia.
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