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Lidija Zajec, MSc

Head of the Quality Assurance Office 

  • Quality Assurance Office
Curriculum Vitae
Lidija joined SEB LU in 2002 and previously worked in international finance. From 2002 to 2016 she was a research and teaching assistant and member of Academic Unit for Economics and Academic Unit for Entrepreneurship. Her research interests focused on serial and portfolio entrepreneurs and the determinants of entrepreneurial growth. She held seminars for bachelor and master students in entrepreneurship, microeconomics and statistics. Lidija joined the SEB LU Quality Assurance team in 2016 and became Head of QA in 2019. Since 2021, she has been appointed member of the AACSB ERN (European Regional Network) leadership team.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • “Harvesting in High Growth Firms” (with Tajnikar Maks and Došenovič-Bonča Petra), in Volume III of the Kluwer International Handbook of Entrepreneurship, Springer, 2006, series editors: Acs, Zoltan J., Audretsch, David B.
  • (Publications)
  • “Decomposing the ability to create growth-rich assets : characteristics relating to the dynamic capabilities of fast-growing firms”, Rivista Piccola Impresa (Journal of small business), University of Urbino, Italy.
  • (Publications)
  • “Growth strategies and their factors in Slovene fast-growing firms in the period 1994-2002: an empirical study” (with Tajnikar Maks). In: Veloutsou C., Papanikos G.T. (Eds.) The Modern Business Function and Environment. Athens: ATINER, 2004, pp. 467-480. ISBN: 960-88331-9-1
  • (Publications)
  • “Could one discriminate between high-growth firms in terms of technology specificity? An empirical verification” (with Tajnikar Maks), Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business
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