Mateja Drnovšek, PhD

Full Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Entrepreneurship (Regular Member)
Curriculum Vitae
Mateja Drnovšek has been employed at the FELU since 1997. After receiving her PhD she participated to several international programs, such as executive program at Harvard Business School on participant centred learning. She has conducted research and consultancy projects related to entrepreneurship issues for government, such as evaluation of voucher system of consulting to SMEs, and have occasionally worked in entrepreneurship training programs for internationalized Slovenian companies, such as Sava Ltd and Telekom Ltd. Her research is immersed in cognitive and emotional aspects of entrepreneurship and their influence on formation of entrepreneurial intentions, new venture creation and overall entrepreneurial effectiveness. She has done several studies on female entrepreneurship in Slovenia. Her work has been published in journals such as Academy of Management Review, Baltic Management Journal, Economic and Business Review, Scandinavian Management Journal, Journal of Enterprising Culture, Small Business Economic, European Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and others.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • Cardon, Melissa, Wincent, Joakim, Singh, Jagdip, Drnovšek, Mateja
    The Nature and Experience of Entrepreneurial Passion
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  • Academy of Management Review (Published papers)
  • Drnovšek, Mateja, Cardon, Melissa, Patel, Pankaj
    Direct and indirect effects of passion on growing technology ventures
  • Strategic entrepreneurship journal (Published papers)
  • Drnovšek, Mateja, Cardon, Melissa, Murnieks, Charles
    Collective Passion in Entrepreneurial Teams
  • Dokumenti: dokument1
  • Understanding the entrepreneurial mind : opening the black box. Springer. (Book chapter)
  • Trefalt, Špela, Drnovšek, Mateja, Nabergoj Svetina, Anja, Adlešič, Renata
    Work-life experiences in rapidly changing national contexts : structural misalignment, comparisons and choice overload as explanatory mechanisms.
  • European Management Journal (Published papers)
  • Prodan, Igor, Drnovšek, Mateja
    Conceptualizing academic- entrepreneurial intentions : an empirical test
  • Technovation (Published papers)
  • Drnovšek, Mateja
    Job creation process in a transition economy: An empirical investigation of
  • Dokumenti: dokument1
  • Small Business Economics (Published papers)
  • Drnovšek, Mateja, Slavec, Alenka, Cardon, Melissa
    Cultural context, passion and self-efficacy : do entrepreneurs operate on different 'planets'?
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  • Handbook of entrepreneurial cognition. Edward Elgar (Book chapter)
  • Slavec, Alenka, Drnovšek, Mateja, Hisrich, Robert D
    Entrepreneurial openness : concept development and measure validation
  • European Management Journal (Published papers)
  • Gerbin, Ani, Drnovšek, Mateja
    Determinants and public policy implications of academic industry knowledge transfer in life sciences : a review and a conceptual framework
  • The Journal of Technology Transfer (Published papers)
  • Ahlin, Branka, Drnovšek, Mateja, Hisrich, Robert
    Entrepreneurs' creativity and firm innovation : the moderating role of entrepreneurial self-efficacy
  • Small Business Economics (Published papers)
  • Rangus, Kaja, Drnovšek, Mateja, DiMinin, Alberto, Spithoven, André
    The role of open innovation and absorptive capacity in innovation performance : empirical evidence from Slovenia
  • Journal for East European Management Studies (Published papers)
  • Rangus, Kaja, Drnovšek, Mateja, Di Minin, Alberto.
    Proclivity for open innovation : construct development and empirical validation
  • Innovation:management, policy and practice (Published papers)
  • Ahlin, Branka, Drnovšek, Mateja, Hisrich, Robert
    Exploring the moderating effects of absorptive capacity on the relationship between social networks and innovation
  • Journal of East Management Studies (Published papers)
  • Stritar, Rok, Drnovšek, Mateja
    What entrepreneurs discover when creating opportunities? : insights from Skype and YouTube ventures
  • International entrepreneurship and management journal (Published papers)
  • Drnovšek, Mateja, Wincent, Joakim, Cardon, Melissa
    Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Business Start-up: Developing a Multi-Dimensional Definition
  • Dokumenti: dokument1
  • International Journal of entrepreneurial behaviour and research (Published papers)
  • Stritar, Rok, Drnovšek, Mateja
    Entrepreneurial opportunity identification : the case of Skype technology
  • Dokumenti: dokument1
  • Entrepreneurship research: evolving concepts and process. Edward Elgar (Book chapter)
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