Miroslav Verbič, PhD

Full Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research (Department Chair)
  • Academic Unit for Money and Finance (Associate Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 14:30 in RZ-402
  • Office hours are cancelled until further notice. You can reach me by email.
Curriculum Vitae
Miroslav Verbič is Professor of Econometrics and Professor of Finance at the University of Ljubljana, and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Economic Research in Ljubljana. He earned his MSc in Econometrics in 2006 at the University of Amsterdam, and his PhD in Economics in 2007 at the University of Ljubljana. He teaches econometrics at the graduate and undergraduate level at the University of Ljubljana, and abroad as a visiting professor. Since 2010, he has been Visiting Professor of Econometrics at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2013, he spent three months as Visiting Scholar at the Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea. Since 2015, he has been an expert evaluator for Horizon 2020 of the European Commission's Research Executive Agency. Since 2016, he has been a member of the Research Ethics Committee of the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. His research interests include econometric modelling, general equilibrium modelling, asset pricing modelling, social security analysis, welfare economics, and environmental economics. He is the author of five scientific monographs and more than sixty refereed scientific articles, published in prestigious international scientific journals, such as Annals of Tourism Research, Applied Economics, Applied Energy, Ecological Economics, Economic Modelling, Energy, Journal of Choice Modelling, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Journal of Happiness Studies, Landscape and Urban Planning, and Macroeconomic Dynamics. His research work was recognized three times as Exceptional Scientific Achievement by the Slovenian Research Agency, while he was also awarded three times for the Best Published Scientific Article by the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. He is promoting his research activity as a member of Econometric Society, International Association for Research in Income and Wealth, Royal Economic Society, and other professional associations. He is engaged in several projects commissioned by the Slovenian government and the European Commission as either head or member of research team.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • Zabavnik Darja, Verbič Miroslav
    Unravelling the Credit Market Shocks and Investment Dynamics: A Theoretical and Empirical Perspective
  • International Review of Financial Analysis, 94(2024), 103283. 16 p. [ISSN 1057-5219] [JCR IF (2022): 8.2] (Published scientific articles)
  • Rant Vasja, Puc Anja, Čok Mitja, Verbič Miroslav
    Macroeconomic Impacts of Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the Euro Area in Times of Shifting Policies: A SVAR Approach
  • Finance Research Letters, 64(2024), 105406. 21 p. [ISSN 1544-6123] [JCR IF (2022): 10.4] (Published scientific articles)
  • Halužan Marko, Verbič Miroslav, Zorić Jelena
    The Crowding Out of Conventional Electricity Generation by Renewable Energy Sources: Implications from Greek, Hungarian, and Romanian Electricity Markets
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 30(2023), 57, pp. 120063-120084. [ISSN 0944-1344] [JCR IF (2022): 5.8] (Published scientific articles)
  • Zabavnik Darja, Verbič Miroslav
    The Effects of Financial Frictions on Slovenian Companies: A Panel VAR Approach
  • Finance Research Letters, 58(2023), Part C, 104563. 16 p. 16 p. [ISSN 1544-6123] [JCR IF (2022): 10.4] (Published scientific articles)
  • Halužan Marko, Verbič Miroslav, Zorić Jelena
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  • Šumrada Tanja, Japelj Anže, Verbič Miroslav, Erjavec Emil
    Farmers’ Preferences for Result-based Schemes for Grassland Conservation in Slovenia
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  • Verbič Miroslav, Šatrović Elma, Muslija Adnan
    Environmental Kuznets Curve in Southeastern Europe: The Role of Urbanization and Energy Consumption
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28(2021), 41, pp. 57807-57817. [ISSN 0944-1344] [JCR IF: 5.190] (Published scientific articles)
  • Dominko Miha, Verbič Miroslav
    The Effect of Income and Wealth on Subjective Well-Being in the Context of Different Welfare State Regimes
  • Journal of Happiness Studies, 22(2021), 1, pp. 181-206. [ISSN 1389-4978] [JCR IF: 4.087] (Published scientific articles)
  • Sever Ivan, Verbič Miroslav, Klarić Sever Eva
    Estimating Attribute-specific Willingness-to-pay Values from a Health Care Contingent Valuation Study: A Best-worst Choice Approach
  • Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 18(2020), 1, pp. 97-107. [ISSN 1175-5652] [JCR IF: 2.561] (Published scientific articles)
  • Halužan Marko, Verbič Miroslav, Zorić Jelena
    Performance of Alternative Electricity Price Forecasting Methods: Findings from the Greek and Hungarian Power Exchanges
  • Applied Energy, 277(2020), 115599. 15 p. [ISSN 0306-2619] [JCR IF: 9.746] (Published scientific articles)
  • Sever Ivan, Verbič Miroslav
    Assessing Recreational Values of a Peri-urban Nature Park by Synthesizing Perceptions and Preferences of Trail Users
  • Journal of Environmental Psychology, 63(2019), pp. 101-108. [ISSN 0272-4944] [JCR IF: 3.301] (Published scientific articles)
  • Dominko Miha, Verbič Miroslav
    The Economics of Subjective Well-Being: A Bibliometric Analysis
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  • Sever Ivan, Verbič Miroslav, Klarić Sever Eva
    Cost Attribute in Health Care DCEs: Just Adding Another Attribute or a Trigger of Change in the Stated Preferences?
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  • Sever Ivan, Verbič Miroslav, Marušić Zrinka
    Measuring Trail Users’ Perception of Crowding in a Peri-urban Nature Park: A Best-worst Scaling Experiment
  • Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 35(2018), pp. 202-210. [ISSN 1618-8667] [JCR IF: 3.043] (Published scientific articles)
  • Srakar Andrej, Čopič Vesna, Verbič Miroslav
    European Cultural Statistics in a Comparative Perspective: Index of Economic and Social Condition of Culture for the EU Countries
  • Journal of Cultural Economics, 42(2018), 2, pp. 163-199. [ISSN 0885-2545] [JCR IF: 1.825] (Published scientific articles)
  • Sever Ivan, Verbič Miroslav
    Providing Information to Respondents in Complex Choice Studies: A Survey on Recreational Trail Preferences in an Urban Nature Park
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  • Verbič Miroslav, Slabe-Erker Renata, Klun Maja
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  • Sharifi-Tehrani Mohammad, Verbič Miroslav, Chung Jin Young
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  • Hommes Cars H., Kiseleva Tatiana, Kuznetsov Yuri A., Verbič Miroslav
    Is More Memory in Evolutionary Selection (De)stabilizing?
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  • Verbič Miroslav, Slabe-Erker Renata
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