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Mojca Bavdaž, PhD

Associate Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research (Regular Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 10:00 in R-412
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • Mojca Bavdaž, Deirdre Giesen, Danna L. Moore, Paul A. Smith, Jacqui Jones
    Qualitative Testing for Official Establishment Survey Questionnaires (forthcoming in 2019)
  • Survey Research Methods (Research publications)
  • Bavdaž, Mojca, Giesen, Deirdre, Korenjak Černe, Simona, Löfgren, Tora, Raymond-Blaess Virginie
    Response Burden in Official Business Surveys: Measurement and Reduction Practices of National Statistical Institutes
  • Journal of official statistics, Dec. 2015, vol. 31, iss. 4, str. 559-588, doi: 10.1515/jos-2015-0035 (Research publications)
    Satisfaction with official statistics producers
  • Statistical jou[code345]nal of the IAOS, ISSN 1874-7655, 2015, vol. 31, iss. 4, st[code345].645-654 (Research publications)
  • TORRES VAN GRINSVEN, Vanessa, BOLKO, Irena, BAVDAŽ, Mojca.
    In search of motivation for the business survey response task
  • Journal of official statistics, 2014, vol. 30, no. 4, 579-606, doi: 10.2478/JOS-2014-0039. (Research publications)
  • Full Bibliography of Published Articles (COBISS)
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