Mojca Indihar Štemberger, PhD

Full Professor 

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Curriculum Vitae
Mojca Indihar Štemberger is a Full Professor of Business Informatics at School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. Her main research areas are digital transformation, business process management and information systems management. She published in International Journal of Information management, International journal of Production Economics, Simulation, Supply chain management, Business process management journal and other international and national journals. She is also very active in consulting and applied research and was involved in several business process change and IS management projects in private and public sectors. As a consultant, she worked with, among others, the General Hospital of Jesenice, GURS, SID bank, Nova KBM, Slovene Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs and at The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. She was a chair of Business Process Management professional conference from 2010 to 2015 and had been a chair of Slovene IS conference in the past. At FELU she was responsible for business process improvement and information system development as a Vice Dean for Finance and Organization from 2009 to 2013. Currently she is a Chair of study programme Business Informatics. In the past se was also Chair of Academic Unit for Business Informatics and Logistics and a President of FELUs Governance Board.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
    Achieving top management support with business knowledge and role of IT/IS personnel.
  • Intenational jounal of infomation management, ISSN 0268-4012. [Print ed.], Dec. 2011, vol. 31, iss. 5, str. 428-436, doi: 10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2011.01.001. (Most important publications in scientific journals)
    Propositions on the interaction of organizational culture with other factors in the context of BPM adoption.
  • Business process management journal, ISSN 1463-7154, 2018, vol. 24, iss. 1, str. 425-445, doi: 10.1108/BPMJ-02-2017-0023 (Most important publications in scientific journals)
  • Modelling, analysis and re-engineering of business processes, 2009 - 2010, grantor: Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, role: project manager
  • (Consulting projects)
  • ŠKRINJAR, Rok, BOSILJ-VUKŠIĆ, Vesna, INDIHAR ŠTEMBERGER, Mojca. The impact of business process orientation on financial and non-financial performance. Business process management journal, 2008, 14(5), 738-754
  • (Most important publications in scientific journals)
  • INDIHAR ŠTEMBERGER, Mojca, JAKLIČ, Jurij. Towards E-government by business process change - a methodology for public sector. Int. j. inf. manage., 2007, 27, 4, 221-232.
  • (Most important publications in scientific journals)
  • BOSILJ-VUKŠIĆ, Vesna, INDIHAR ŠTEMBERGER, Mojca, JAKLIČ, Jurij, KOVAČIČ, Andrej. Assessment of E-business transformation using simulation modeling. Simulation (S. Diego Calif.). 2002, 78 (12), 731-744.
  • (Most important publications in scientific journals)
  • ŠKERLAVAJ, Miha, INDIHAR ŠTEMBERGER, Mojca, ŠKRINJAR, Rok, DIMOVSKI, Vlado. Organizational learning culture - the missing link between business process change and organizational performance. Int. j. prod. econ., 2007, 106 (2), 346-367.
  • (Most important publications in scientific journals)
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