Sašo Polanec, PhD

Full Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Economics (Regular Member)
  • Academic Unit for Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research (Associate Member)
  • Skype: saso.polanec 
  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 9:15 in P-219
Curriculum Vitae
Sašo Polanec received PhD from The European University Institute in 2006, titled Supply Side Mechanisms in Transition, for which he received Olga Radzyner Award (awarded by Austrian central bank). He published his work in refereed journals The World Economy, The Review of World Economics, European Financial Management, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, and Eastern European Economics. His research interests range from applied international trade, applied industrial organization, economics of transition, labor economics and economics of education.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • Jože P. Damijan, Janez Prašnikar and Sašo Polanec
    Outward FDI and Productivity: Micro-evidence from Slovenia
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  • (Published papers)
  • A paper that studies the relationship between productivity and decision for outward FDI
  • (Published papers)
  • Aleksandra Gregorič, Sašo Polanec and Sergeja Slapničar
    Pay me Right: Reference Values and Executive Compensation
  • Dokumenti: dokument1
  • European Financial Management (Published papers)
  • Jože P. Damijan, Črt Kostevc and Sašo Polanec
    From Innovation and Exporting or Vice Versa
  • Dokumenti: dokument1
  • The World Economy, March 2010 (Published papers)
  • Mitsukuni Nishida, Amil Petrin and Sašo Polanec
    Explaining Reallocation's Apparent Negative Contribution to Growth
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  • (Working Papers )
  • Tjaša Bartolj and Sašo Polanec
    College Major Choice: Why is General Ability not Enough
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  • * (Working Papers )
  • Jože P. Damijan, Jozef Konings and Sašo Polanec
    Pass-on Trade: Why do Firms Simultaneously engage in Two-Way Trade
  • LICOS Discussion Pape[code345] (Working Papers )
  • Full Bibliography of Published Articles (COBISS)
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