Tomaž Turk, PhD

Full Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Business Informatics and Logistics (Regular Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 13:30 in RZ-407
Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Tomaž Turk serves as the Dean at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana (SEB LU). Holding the position of Full Professor, he is an esteemed researcher in the field of information management. Dr. Turk delivers courses on various aspects of information technology management, including the development of information systems, software solutions, and business simulations.His research portfolio covers diverse themes such as information technology adoption, economics of information technology, communication networks management, and other issues related to digitalization. Dr. Turk has actively contributed to numerous national and international projects, and his scholarly work is featured in reputable journals such as Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Telecommunications Policy, Computer Standards and Interfaces, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, and Computer Communications.Notably, he has held leadership roles, including Vice Chair of the ESF research project COST Action 298 'Participation in the Broadband Society.' Additionally, Dr. Turk served as the President of the language section of the Slovenian INFORMATICS Association from 2007 to 2019. He also assumed the responsibilities of Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs at SEB LU from 2013 to 2017 and acted as the Head of the Academic Unit for Business Informatics and Logistics from 2019 to 2023.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
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