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Vasja Rant, PhD

Associate Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Money and Finance (Department Vice Chair)
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 14:00 in P-301
  • Office hours will be held online via Zoom until during the regular office hours (Tuesdays at 14h) until further notice. Students have to send me an e-mail in advance if they wish to attend the office hours. Access data about the Zoom office hours session is given below. Meeting ID: 954 4007 3213 Password: 521168 Best regards, Vasja Rant
Curriculum Vitae
Vasja Rant is an associate professor of money and finance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. He finished his PhD at the Faculty of Economics in 2008. In addition, he has received training from the IMF Institute, Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros in Madrid and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics on current topics in international finance, macroeconomic management and financial sector issues and panel data econometrics. He currently teaches undergraduate and master level courses in international finance and European economic integration and is a member of the teaching staff under the Jean Monnet Chair. He also teaches at the Faculty of Economics’ programme in Kosovo and has delivered lectures and coruses at Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey), Kyungpook National University (Republic of Korea) and Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Austria) as a visiting scholar. As a lecturer, he has also collaborated with the business community and the public sector in Slovenia and the countries of former Yugoslavia. His research interests mainly include EU integration and international finance topics. He has published several articles in international and slovenian peer-reviewed journals as well as book chapters. Professionally, Vasja Rant has cooperated with the Slovenian government on multiple occasions about EU related topics and has taken an active part in the negotiations about the EU multiannial financial frameworks 2007-2013 and 2014-2020. He is currently actively involved in discussion about the post 2020 EU multiannual financial framework. He has also been involved in past discussions about possible EU budget reform at Slovenian and European Commission levels. He has been informally engaged by the government on several occassions with respect to the management of the euro area crisis. Additionally, he has collaborated with the international academic community in the context of the EU Consent research network.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • Marinč, Matej, Rant, Vasja
    A cross-country analysis of bank bankruptcy regimes
  • Journal of financial stability, Aug. 2014, vol. 13, str. 134-150. (Articles published in international refereed journals)
  • Marinč, Matej, Mrak, Mojmir, Rant, Vasja
    Dimensions of bank capital regulation: a cross-country analysis
  • Panoeconomicus, 2014, vol. 61, no. 4, pp. 415-439. (Articles published in international refereed journals)
  • Fuente, Ángel de la, Doménech, Rafael, Rant, Vasja
    Addressing the net balances problem as a prerequisite for EU budget reform: a proposal
  • CESifo economic studies, 2010, vol. 56, no. 2, pp. 221-250 (Articles published in international refereed journals)
  • Rant, Vasja, Mrak, Mojmir
    The 2007-13 financial perspective : domination of national interests
  • Journal of common market studies, Mar. 2010, vol. 48, no. 2, pp. 347-372 (Articles published in international refereed journals)
  • Rant, Vasja.
    Pomanjkljivosti, izzivi in prihodnost evrskega območja (Flaws, challenges and the future of the euro area)
  • Bančni vestnik, jan./feb. 2015, vol. 64, no. 1/2, pp. 48-55. (Articles published in slovenian refereed journals)
  • Rant, Vasja, Gregorič, Jernej.
    ECB policy measures and their effects during financial crisis
  • Bančni vestnik, jul./avg. 2014, letn. 63, no. 7/8, pp. 62-68 (Articles published in slovenian refereed journals)
  • Marinč, Matej, Mrak, Mojmir, Rant, Vasja.
    How much bank capital is enough: reconciling the views of academics and regulators
  • Bančni vestnik, nov. 2012, vol. 61, no. 11, pp. 83-89 (Articles published in slovenian refereed journals)
  • Vasja Rant and Mojmir Mrak
    Modelling financial flows between the Republic of Slovenia and the EU budget in the multiannual financial framework 2014-20
  • Final report, (in slovenian), Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, 2012, 131 p. (Consulting activity)
  • Mrak, Mojmir, Drobnič, Mitja, Erjavec, Emil, Mavko, Mitja, Rant, Vasja, Ravnik, Branko, Šušteršič, Janez, Vajgl, Uroš, Wostner, Peter
    EU budget review: an opportunity for a real or virtual reform?
  • Report of the EU budget reform project group (in slovenian), Ljubljana, 2007, Government Office for European affairs, 127 p. (Consulting activity)
  • Full Bibliography of Published Articles (COBISS)
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