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Vinko Zovko, MSc

Senior Lecturer in Physical Education 

  • Educational Unit for sports (Department Chair)
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 16:30 in R-304
Curriculum Vitae
Vinko Zovko has been Department chair of Educational unit for sports at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana since 2013. His primary areas of expertise are sports management, sports venue operations, leadership and healthy lifestyle. He is a lecturer of Sports (undergraduate and graduate levels) and Management of Sports facilities (graduate level). Vinko co-authored a number of academic articles including “Determination of the optimal certain kinematic parameters in basketball”, “Analysis of public funding of Sports”, “Dual careers” and “Physical education at prestigious foreign universities”. He has worked for several Not-for Profit Organizations. As international sales manager at Elan Inventa, he leads a team of individuals who are focused on creating innovative solutions for international customers. He was in charge of over 150 projects that have contributed to new equipment at sports stadiums and cultural venues around the World. He is currently finishing his PhD of the topic of »Work – Life balance«.
  • Undergraduate University Degree Program BSc:
  • Športna vzgoja (195173) (Slovenian language)
  • Undergraduate University Degree Program BBA:
  • Športna vzgoja (194129) (Slovenian language)
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