Ženja Kansky - Rožman, MA

Lecturer in English 

  • Academic Unit for Languages for Business and Economics (Regular Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 12:00 in R201
Curriculum Vitae
Ženja Kansky-Rožman, MA is a lecturer in Business English at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana(FELU), Slovenia. Mrs Kansky-Rožman conducts lectures and exams for full-time and part-time university and business school students. In her long career, she has designed, co-designed and taught numerous courses and seminars for bankers, managers and business people. She has authored various teaching materials for Business English seminars. She is the main author of the required Business English textbook for the second-year university students and a co-author of the textbook for the Business School students. Her field of work includes oral communication skills (meetings, negotiations, public speaking, written communication (business correspondence, reports, summaries, essays), politeness strategies and cross-cultural differences. Her research involves linguistics and pedagogy. EDUCATION 2002 Master of Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana 1984-86 Postgraduate specialization in translation 1979 Bachelor of Arts (English and Russian),Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana EMPLOYMENT 1995 - to date: the FELU 1989-1995: The Center for Foreign Languages (CTJ, Ljubljana, 7 years an ESP teacher in secondary school, 2 years in a primary school
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
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