Vlado Dimovski, PhD

Full Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Management and Organisation (Regular Member)
  • Academic Unit for International Economics and Business (Associate Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 12:30 in R-407
Curriculum Vitae
Vlado Dimovski, PhD, is a full professor of management and organizational theory at the Management and organization unit, at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics in Slovenia. He received his B.A. degree in Economics at the University of Ljubljana, the B.A. degree in Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, the M.A. degree in Economics at University of Ljubljana, and the Ph.D. degree in Management and Finance at Cleveland State University. His primary areas of expertise are organizational learning, knowledge management and leadership. Professor Dimovski has taught and researched at the various universities and institutions, and has published numerous articles in recognized journals. He is author of various books, book chapters, and research studies, including Slovenian and international issues. His book »Learning Organization« (in Slovenian Language, published in 2005 with coauthours) is the major contribution to learning organizational paradigm in Slovenian economy and is the result of a research study that observed specific development characteristics of the Slovenian managerial and organizational system/environment in the recent years (2000-2006). His book »Authentic leadership in learning organization« (in Slovenian Language, published in 2009 with coauthours) is the major contribution to the theoretical field development of authentic leadership in Slovenia. His latest book “Advanced management” was published in 2013 (Maksima collection with coauthours) and represents a theoretical and practical developmental opportunity for the business environment. Besides his university position professor Dimovski was the State Secretary for Industry in the Government of Slovenia (1995-1997), the president of the Centre for International Competitiveness of Slovenia (1997-2000), and the Minister of Labor, Family and Social Affairs (2000-2004). He was also the consultant to the Prime Minister of Macedonian Government. Professor Dimovski is active in the consulting business in Slovenian economy as well as in all EU and Eastern Europe Countries. He has received numerous awards, such as the Beta Gamma Sigma Award (1992), Harvard Directory of Scholars (1993), Who is Who (1999), Slovenian National Swimming Association Award (2001), Distinguished Slovenian Gold Management Award (2001) and Who is Who Statesmen (2004).Professor Vlado Dimovski is the Head of the national program research group dealing with knowledge management and organizational learning in contemporary organizations and Head of economic and business department of IFIMES(The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies).
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
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