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dr. Matej Černe

PhD. Matej Černe, Assistant in scientific research, Centre of Excellence for biosenzorika, instrumentation and process control COBIK (www.cobik.si) Institute for Research on innovation CERINNO (www.cerinno.si)

"Student Business Conference is an interesting event. Similar events on other universities in the world are actually really rare. Tries to combine the business relevance with academic performance, while allowing students contact with the business world in terms of connections with business representatives, who also read and evaluate their work. Winning at the SBC in particular adds motivation to continue working forward and contribute to self-esteem in the sense that each objective can be achieved, if only enough we make an effort. For me, it was the SBC even more special because of exceptional teams with which we competed as working in the conference and the whole experience brought as even closer together. "


Aleš Senegačnik

Aleš Senegačnik, just finished work experience as Assistant Brand Manager at R. Bosch A / S, Denmark.

"Student Business Conference is an excellent opportunity to access the various topics that are currently ongoing in the business world. Execution of the event is at a high level, because a strict selection process ensures quality of the presented works and School of Economics and Business provides a seamless flow of events. As the winner of one of the SBC I have to stress out the attractive prizes, which enable further education and professional growth of the individual. I am very satisfied with SBC and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the business world. "


mag. Maja Voje

Maja Voje, University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business

“Happy B-day ŠPK, It has been a fantastic experience for me. For the first time, I have had the opportunity to present to a non-class audience. I firmly believe that helped me to further develop my presentation skills and boosted confidence in public speaking. Moreover, I was proud to get an academic and professional acknowledgement by winning within the assigned category. I see this as a great opportunity for prosperous students to invest in their academic portfolio and I must admit it looks great in CV as well :) Not only participating, but also attending the ŠPK conference is a meaningful experience, since the audience gets a very concise overview of their fields of interest and its innovative concept. Nevertheless, it is inspiring and the atmosphere there is really pleasant. In such an environment, it is easy to do some mingling with professional audience, international students and also colleagues from different professional fields, which gives the ŠPK conference high social capital building potential. Congrats for excellent work, dear ŠPK team, and wishing you many successful years to come!”


mag. Mitja Šuligoj

Mitja Šuligoj, Letrika d.d., Head of Controlling

"My application to SBC was a logical consequence of well-prepared master thesis, in which it was, invested a lot of effort and desire for further proving and confirmation. The chance to present my work at SBC, in front of representatives from the business world, public institutions, economic faculty and other participants, it was very challenging. With the aforementioned belief that with the preparation of master's thesis I have done quality work, partly because of the technical cooperation and support of some colleagues in the company at that time, in which I'm still employed, I could tackle the competition with confidence and believe in victory. Participation and presentation at the conference it has been a great pleasure because of the event itself, as it participated exciting and successful guests. I also remember the final awards ceremony and hanging out, which was well organized and very beautiful event. The victory brought me confirmation and it was an incentive and motivation for further career development. In addition, it also provides better status among colleagues, opportunity to make new contacts which will ultimately help you in opening up new business opportunities, which is especially important at the beginning of the career. "


Nejc Slovnik

Nejc Slovnik, co-owner of (self-employed): Poslovna oaza - http://www.poslovnaoaza.si

"At the SBC 2010 I and my colleague won the prizes for the best business plan and best presentation of the conference. Both won awards represent an excellent addition to my CV, and the won award was the beginning of an independent entrepreneurial path and my own company, which is today part of reality. I strongly recommend to all students to take part at SBC, because you will step out of the crowd, listen to great presentations, and gain new knowledge; you will get opportunity to socialize and an opportunity for networking. SBC is a really excellent complement to the academic activities. "


mag. Jure Planinšek

mag. Jure Planinšek, Advisor for Legal Affairs, BISOL Group

"SBC is perfectly organized event, on which I heard a lot of interesting business ideas and met a lot of successful colleagues. Winning at the SBC is an excellent reference for your future career, and at the same time is a confirmation of the interesting and practical application of the academic work."


mag. Renata Kenda

Mag. Renata Kenda, at the moment a PhD student at Henley Business School in UK

“I participated at the 9th Student Business Conference in 2012 and presenting my master thesis with the title »The effect of project team rewarding on project performance« won in HRM section. That year it was for the first time, when the conference was held in English language. This was a great opportunity for networking and exchanging knowledge with colleagues, international students. The conference is also one of the confirmations, that undergraduate and master thesis, as a part of study process; include applicable ideas for solutions in practice. Being chosen to present your work at Student Business Conference gives students satisfaction, confirmation that you are on the right track and motivation for future.”


Iris Koleša

Iris Koleša, a trainee at the Slovenian Business and Research Association in Brussels and student of Diplomacy at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana.

"SBC was not only an opportunity to present my thesis and to improve my skills of public speaking, but also a great platform for knowledge sharing and complement it through discussions with students from a wide range of courses and networking. Although the event was not attended by many representatives of companies and institutions (here I see an opportunity for improvement), attendance at SBC as an international event is an exceptional reference for students in finding employment, practice or training. SBC for the employers is a proof of initiative, originality, quality of work and good communication skills, which is important competitive advantage. "


Goran Zibrik

Goran Zibrik, KBC Group, Internal Consultant

"Even after eight years I still have really good memories on SBC and this achievement is still preserved in my Curriculum vitae. Seems to me that the SBC brand really means something in the business world and that it’s valid only grow and grow, which confirms the fact that this year is the 10th anniversary of SBC. For example I last “exploit” SBC a year before on interviews for a job at KBC group, where I am currently employed as an internal consultant. At the conference itself, I was most impressed from the presentation in front of “Velika dvorana” at SEB LU. After the event, I was pleased to attend the course of rhetoric, which was an award from the British Embassy. To my co-workers, which are preparing SBC I wish many successful conferences, to the participating students and companies as much as possible knowledge transfer in the daily practice of Slovenian companies.”


Dagmar Češnovar

Dagmar Češnovar, the owner of the limited liability company

"By participating in the SBC I enable to my professional thesis, to achieve its purpose. Knowledge, experience and findings do not remain only one more written document, but I could share them with all of you "out loud." Greatest pleasure in all this is that I was given the opportunity to be present at the dissemination of knowledge and so I may helped someone to open new horizons or answered any questions. "


Mladen Dakić

Mladen Dakić, Investment manager on the platform for connecting high-tech entrepreneurs and investors COINVEST, which was built and is being developed within the Laboratory for Open Innovation Systems at the Centre of Excellence BIK.

"Through the conference, I realized which knowledge and skills are required in practice in order your team wins among the best business projects in a generation where one of yours fellow competitors is Katarina Čas, person that by than had an enviable professional mileage. I had experienced SBC as a realization that the key for solving the challenges is a good team, specialization, and good project management, timely accomplishment of tasks, creative madness and convincing presence. All that matters at the end is the delivery, which someone not only buys, but also "pays" for it or awards it. The buyer always has (its) right. Thus, the exchange continues and builds on the company. SBC I am grateful that I have for her CV slightly longer and more informative, entertaining stories about the adventures ZT team for the upcoming generation. The last is priceless. "


Maja Urh

Maja Urh, School of Economics and Business, Department of Academic Affairs

"Participation and winning on the SBC enable me to meet a lot of capable and interesting people from whom I learned many new things. In addition, I got a great opportunity to prove myself on the desired business area. "


Gregor Pfajfar

Gregor Pfajfar

"Student Business Conference is a way to stand out from the crowd of students at the School of Economics and Business and to show your best work. SBC is an event that connects students and potential employers, as well as ambitious students which want to have more from their studies, than just learning and sitting in the benches. As a student you find out what kind of interesting ideas your classmates have, while companies at the conference can find an interesting set of potential employees. Personally for me, the conference was very beautiful experience, where I made some business and friendship relations which will last forever.

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