Study Programmes

As the leading national institution in business and economics, the SEB LU provides education at all levels (undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, executive and lifelong learning) and in most key areas of specialisation.

It offers Bologna type programmes in all three cycles (3+2+4 structure). The SEB LU decided to internationalise its programmes by introducing an extensive number of English tracks at all levels of study. It has introduced a number of double and joint degree programmes with renowned schools and opened campuses also abroad.

Programme development forms an important part of the SEB LU’s strategy as it supports internationalisation, the involvement of the business community, and the achieving of excellence.

Undergradute programs

Undergraduate Programmes 3+

Undergraduate degree programmes last three years. Students can choose between higher professional degree or university degree. Both offer many areas of specialisation. >>>

Graduate programs

Graduate Programmes +2

We offer 15 programmes in Slovene language and 13 Programmes in English language. Additionally we conduct one programme outside Slovenia. Students realise the ambition and desire for a more in-depth study of business and economics, as well as greater professional and academic qualifications.>>>

Doctoral programs

Doctoral programme +4

The doctoral programme in Economics and Business follows the newest and most advanced forms of doctoral study in the EU and around the world. Studies are organised in small groups of students and build from basic knowledge to vast possibilities of specialisation.>>>


MBA Programme

The SEB LU MBA programme is applied for individuals with relevant working experience and a goal to upgrade their managerial skills and knowledge and to acquire the necessary elements for a successful leader. >>>

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