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Accomodation (Hospitality package)

For Ljubljana Summer School participants we offer an optional »hospitality package« which includes accommodation and two meals: breakfast (Monday-Sunday) and lunch (Monday-Friday). Hospitality package is valid from 2 July to 22 July (arrivals and departures on different dates need to be paid additionally).

To choose the hospitality package please mark option “Hospitality package” in the application form.

Hospitality package fee is 350 EUR and it is paid in addition to the tuition fee. For information about fees and payment please check the section Deadlines and fees.

Hospitality package (from 2 to 22 July) includes:

  • Accommodation in the dormitory in triple rooms (rooming wishes will be possible – all students will receive information when this is possible);
  • Bed linen, pillows and blankets;
  • Shower and toilette are separated from rooms and are in common usage. There is one bathroom per five rooms and this is only in case the hostel is completely full;
  • There are also kitchens on each floor;
  • There are 10 computers per floor;
  • There are 8 study rooms that participants can use;
  • Free internet access (cable and also WiFi);
  • Free secured parking next to the dormitory;
  • Rich self-service breakfast in Dorm every day (Monday-Sunday);
  • Lunch in Bistro next to the Faculty of Economics where all lectures take place (Monday-Friday).

Please note: Ljubljana Summer School is not responsible for dormitory facilities. There is a possibility of accommodation in a private (single) room, dinner and laundry service (all options require additional payment). Number of private rooms is limited therefore you should send a request to summer.school@ef.uni-lj.si in advance.

Additional Services and Fees:

Accommodation and breakfast at DIC for pre-arrivals and late departures:

  • Single room: 26 EUR/night
  • Twin room: 19 EUR/night
  • Three-bed room: 16 EUR/night

Laundry washing and drying: 6 EUR for up to 5 kg of laundry.

For all questions regarding dormitory facilities and their additional offer please contact:

Poljanska cesta 26, 1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 41 755 814
Email: hostel@dic.si
Webpage: hosteldic.com

If you do not wish to take the hospitality package, you can send us an email and we will provide you some links for other accommodation possibilities. Please note that meals (breakfast and lunch) are only included in the hospitality package and not in the study fee.

Additional information

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