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Change and Innovation Leadership in Action
Ljubljana Executive Summer School, Slovenia

This programme has been developed to respond to two significant challenges facing managers in organisations today - leading change and innovation. By exploring current research and best practice in change management and innovation, participants will develop a critical understanding of models and tools that can help them paly a leadership role in these two vital areas.

Uniquely, as part of this course, participants will provide Executive Mentoring for student groups from the regular Summer School which runs in parallel with the Executive Summer School. Teams of Executives from this course will work with these student groups to devise a solution to a real world strategic problem presented by a Slovenian organisation.

It is expected that participants will leave the programme not only with new knowledge and capabilities, but also with a renewed confidence in their own ability to lead change and develop the innovative capabilities of their organisations.


Marcel Muenz, PA Consulting Group
"Ljubljana summer school was a great experience in a beautiful city with great hospitality. Most important points to mention, were firstly the organisation staff, who were so friendly and helpful throughout the entire week that students felt like home from the very start. Secondly, the academic side was fantastic, with very knowledgeable and experienced professors from Ireland. Due to the insights from the professors and the international set up of the course, lectures have always been very interesting and inspiring. Finally, the beautiful city of Ljubljana provided a perfect environment for social activities outside the classroom. Here, again, the organisation staff did their very best to show us the city and made us experience Slovenian food and culture. Ljubljana University: World-class job!"
Robert Kuenzi, Materials Handling and Environment, Regional Manufacturing Support Organization (RMSO) South Asia
"My experience at the executive summer school was great because the size of the class was very well selected (quality rather than quantity), the faculty well experienced and able to transmit the knowledge and all the administrative part was well prepared and executed. I liked that you have included various social events to foster friendships and to learn more about Slovenia. I will highly recommend Ljubljana summer school and I probably will join you again in the future (when living again in Europe) for another program."
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