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Students' experiences - International Students

  • Müge, Turkey

    Imagine a summer school there are people from all around the world, opportunities to visit five countries in three weeks’ time, life changing experiences and memories, that you have many chances to improve yourself in international environments; last but not least it’s maybe the only one summer school that located in the heart of Europe. We have attended many activities during the day; they never left us alone with their great organized events! What else I can say; it’s the best thing can happen in my life is this summer school, do not miss this chance! Thanks all for the wonderful time that we spent in your lovely dragon city, Ljubljana.

  • Guo, China

    It's a place where I enjoyed Ljubljana and Slovenia with friends and professors thoroughly. It's a time when I could exchange experiences and thoughts with peers from all over the world. It's a school where I could not only learn, but also teach, especially the great Chinese cultures.

  • Marta, Portugal

    It's impossible do not fall in love with an experience like this. Your friends and schoolmates are your family, you create strong friendships that you simple cannot forget, and when you are in the University you feel like being in your home. And of course that you love dancing and party all nights with your friends, study with them, go shopping with them, make trips and meet new places with them...so Ride the new wave and enjoy your new life with them! You almost forget that you only have three weeks. It's an intensive and unforgettable experience that you will remember during days. And in the end, you don't want to come back to your country. You just want that that kind of life remains exactly how it is.

  • Aleksander, Poland

    Ljubljana Summer School was absolutely unforgettable time, full of joy and fantastic moments. Great courses, professional organization and international friendships, which last.

  • Iris, the Netherlands

    Studying in a very small but beautiful city called Ljubljana, having friends from all over the world and the best summer of my life. Cliché but true: a life changing experience.

  • Agata, Poland

    I don’t like Ljubljana Summer School, I LOVE IT! It was great to spend three weeks in beautiful city, with amazing people and professional teachers. I hope to keep in touch with friends from over the world and save great memoirs from Ljubljana!

  • Boris, Russian Federation

    I really liked Ljubljana Summer School because it was a place where I could find good friends from many countries and I really had a good time. As for education, it was very exciting, because of a lot funny and of course serious tasks which allow you to use you brains to the maximum. And of course assistant crew was perfect! Any problem which we had, we could solve in 5 minutes. Thank you very much! It was perfect!

  • Catharina, Austria

    It was one of the best experiences in my life. I met a lot of fascinating persons from all over the world and got in though with different cultures. The lectures were interesting and helpful for the university career.

  • Alana, United States

    I enjoyed the Ljubljana Summer School experience for many reasons. However, the two main reasons are that I got to make new friends who were from all over the world such as England, Germany and Serbia. I also enjoyed the side trips that we're organized for us on the weekends.

  • Marketa, Czech Republic

    I liked perfect organization (trips - rafting, Piran; afternoon activities - volleyball, sightseeing by bike, company visits etc. and evening/night parties). I appreciate friendly approach from professors. I liked the city Ljubljana because of its atmosphere (friendly people, safeness).

  • Kanarina, Kosovo

    Ljubljana Summer School, as one of the best summer-school opportunities in the region, has surely been the wisest choice I’ve made for equipping myself with high quality education, great networking opportunities, as well as unforgettable summer memories. Teaching methods, faculty and staff approach have been the most outstanding values that Ljubljana Summer School has to offer. One must really look forward to join it, undoubtedly!

  • André Miguel, Portugal

    Best experience ever! Ljubljana Summer School it was an experience that I will never forget. Who could imagine that I would meet new friends for life over 2000 km away, that don't speak my language and after having my second flight to Ljubljana cancelled? Not me and I am totally glad that all of this worth it! So many people, so many cultures, so many languages, so many things all together and all full of joy and will to get the best from West to East. Great organization, great friends and a wonderful experience. If I had the chance to go back to Slovenia, I would probably go on the first plane!

  • Jelena, Serbia

    Studying in an interesting manner, making friends with people from all the parts of the globe, traveling all around to the east and west and most importantly: partying hard, and all that in the heart of the Europe, few miles from the sea and another few from the mountains, in the most amazing city ever - Ljubljana! That is my experience from July 2012. The best month of my life.

  • Mariia, Russian Federation

    Beautiful country, charming European city with narrow streets and romantic castle, friendly open-minded people from all over the world, interesting lectures and parties all night long - that's why I liked Ljubljana Summer School. During 21 days I learnt so many amazing things about different cultures, countries and even learnt some phrases in foreign languages thanks to my new friends in LSS! So Ljubljana Summer School is an awesome way to practice English, learn something new and make new friends, that's my best experience ever :)

  • Barbora, Czech Republic

    You will love it, or you will love it. I went to Ljubljana with one suitcase, but home I went with wonderful memories, thousands of experience, knowledge, tan, lack of sleep and Facebook full of amazing friends from all over the world.

  • Ulpan, Kazakhstan

    I liked Ljubljana Summer School because it gave me an opportunity to meet new people from different countries and to share our culture and experience. Also the staff and professors are very friendly and open-minded people. Thank you for that.

  • Tarek, Germany

    International flair, perfect organization, friendly environment, great weather, charming city, highly recommended.

  • Ana Margarida, Portugal

    Ljubljana Summer School was one of the best experiences I've had. In fact, it was an excellent opportunity to combine the best of summer with a really good learning experience. I had the opportunity to know new things in Faculty, where professors and staff were always ready to help us and the opportunity to know people from all over the world, as well, to make new friends with whom we can spend unforgettable moments. These are the main advantages of doing this kind of program. And the last, but not the least, Ljubljana is a wonderful city that deserves to be known.

  • Tom, Belgium

    I loved Ljubljana Summer School because Ljubljana is the best city for a Summer School. The atmosphere, the people and the weather is only a couple of the best things in Ljubljana. Plus the university offers us a perfect guidance and courses that can be perfectly combined with parties and visiting the country.

  • Elisabete Andreia, Portugal

    Ljubljana Summer School is the experience that allows knowing new cultures and being in contact with all of those cultures. I loved Ljubljana Summer School because of its learning's quality, its organization and parties and, the mainly aspect, Ljubljana Summer School allows me to know different people and real friends. Ljubljana Summer School is one of best experiences ever. Ljubljana is the best place to have a summer school program. Ljubljana is one of the best cities that I know which gave me the experience to feel save, to feel free and to be in contact with nature.

  • Gresa, Kosovo

    I personally liked LSS because the organizers of the summer school did a wonderful job in offering foreign students a warm welcome to the campus and to make the three weeks stay in Ljubljana a wonderful experience. Attending LSS didn't offer summer courses only; it also enabled us to explore Slovenia and the region to its maximum. I highly recommend attending LSS to everyone who is looking forward to spend summer wisely.

  • Hana, Kosovo

    It has been an interesting feeling to attend classes during the summer. Ljubljana Summer School was not just a summer school; it gave me the opportunity to learn more about new cultures by interacting with the students of different countries from all over the world. Ljubljana Summer School is a definition of having fun while studying.

  • Alexandria, United States

    Ljubljana Summer School was not just a summer school; it gave me the opportunity to learn more about new cultures by interacting with the students of different countries from all over the world. Ljubljana Summer School is a definition of having fun while studying. The location is really great for a summer on the Mediterranean with a lot to offer in the surrounding area. I appreciate how helpful and organized the staff was and would recommend this program to students in my country, especially if it is their first time abroad. I was able to take a special course not offered at my university which had led to new, interesting opportunities back home.

  • Ainash, Kazakhstan

    I liked the Ljubljana Summer School, because it was very interesting. So many students from different countries, everyone shared their knowledge and awareness. The time that I was in Ljubljana will stay in my memory.

  • Blond, Kosovo

    I enjoyed the time spent at Ljubljana Summer School for three reasons: 1) I transferred the credits to my home university, 2) I had the chance to visit two other European countries in the course of three weeks (Austria and Italy), 3) and I created long-lasting friendships with participants from distant parts of the world. I have been recommending LSS to everyone that wishes to have a memorable summer outside of their country.

  • Axel, Mexico

    If you want to have the best summer ever and if you want to meet people from all over the world, then you cannot let this opportunity go. Ljubljana Summer School has been one of the best experiences in my life. It´s the first time I enjoyed attending school and the first time I was sad when classes ended.

  • Benedict, Germany

    I liked LSS12 because it really is international, you meet so many people from around the world in a place which is just awesome and you build friendships for the rest of your life.

  • Ema, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Ljubljana Summer School 2012 was a great experience for me. It enabled me to meet new friends from all around the world, to meet new cultures at International Evening and to spend lovely time in amazing Ljubljana. Courses were very well organized and focused on the team work and projects which makes everything a lot more interesting. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

  • Laurë, Kosovo

    I'm glad that I received this email from you. We had such a great time in Ljubljana and we talk about it very often. I liked Ljubljana Summer School because everything was organized properly. The staff and the professors were very nice to us and they were ready to help us anytime we needed them. Beside the studying part I really enjoyed the entertainment part because there were a lot of activities and events. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

  • Abdullah, United Kingdom

    It was like a small united nation. Meeting many people from different cultures & background was the most important thing. Besides, the location of Slovenia allows us to travel to many other countries easily. The activities that have been hold & organised by the LSS organisers were so great.

  • Zuzana, Czech Republic

    Why did I like Ljubljana Summer School? It was the most amazing summer I have ever spent, with amazing people from all over the world. Everything was perfect organised and I never got bored. If I could, I would participate in Ljubljana Summer School again.

  • Jetë, Kosovo

    Attending Ljubljana Summer School has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had a really enjoyable experience and met some wonderful people too, thank you!

  • Peter, Australia

    For student like me who has stayed in one country for a long time, the Summer school was an absolute eye-opener. Making friends has never been so easy with so much fun and culture. Activities, trips and even studies further added to the strength and consistency of the program.

  • Mateusz, Poland

    It was a perfect mixture of socialising and educating at the same time. A combination of beautiful Ljubljana, friendly students and professional but accessible teaching staff from all over the world made those three weeks a memorable experience for me.

  • Erina, Kosovo

    Ljubljana Summer School is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. There are many reasons that made this summer school so great; one of the reasons is because it was held in a charming place such as Ljubljana, which is surrounded with friendly people. This summer school gives you the opportunity to take courses with many professors from all over the world, to get involved in many activities where you can make many international friends, you are also given the chance to visit other beautiful places in the region and most importantly make great memories.

  • Janelle, Australia

    Ljubljana summer school was an unforgettable life experience. The combination of such a friendly and welcoming culture that is Slovenia with the diverse individuals who represented over 40 countries made 3 weeks of special memories I will cherish forever.

  • Julian, Australia

    Good value for money. Interesting courses, especially the ones in connection with China/Asia). Absolutely insane student-professor ratio in the Chinese language course! (2 students, over 10 different professors).

  • Kerem Ali, Turkey

    Ljubljana Summer school was great, because I had chance to meet with new friends from all around the world, have fun and learn new topics about business all at the same time.

  • Ewa, Poland

    Basically I liked LSS for three reasons: incredibly intense combination of studying and entertainment, fantastic opportunity to meet students of universities from the whole world and getting to know Slovenia with its beautiful heart of Ljubljana. One just couldn't be bored at all during these three weeks which went by too fast.

  • Tiago André, Portugal

    Ljubljana Summer School was a unique experience because it gave me the opportunity to live an intensive summer month among friends from all over the world! This multicultural environment is a must do for everyone who wants to have some international experience because it gives you the chance to get the best from interesting classes and from enjoyable meetings and activities! I would also highlight the young and fresh minds that are managing all courses and activities. Helpful, available and nice, they were the perfect hosts, leading the journey to understand and enjoy the Slovenian way of life!

  • Glenn, Belgium

    This summer school program was a marvellous experience: great people, awesome activities and fascinating courses. I made a lot of new friends while enjoying the beauty of Slovenia. I certainly recommend this program!

  • Can, Turkey

    When I remember the Ljubljana Summer School in my mind, I always say "What a great experience I've had.” That is true because Ljubljana Summer School gave me the real international experience I dreamed about. Thanks to LSS for my great time in Ljubljana.

  • Katherine, Mexico

    Ljubljana Summer School had a bit of everything. You get to know so many cultures. The courses, the parties, the friends I met, everything forms an experience I will never forget. It was the best way of expending a summer in such a nice country.

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