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Students will be able to choose from among many courses which are academically challenging and intellectually stimulating. Discussions between professors and students through various interactive teaching methods are strongly encouraged. Coming from Slovenia and all over the world, the lecturers are experts in their chosen fields and actively involved in academic research; many act as advisers and consultants to companies and the government.


Students meet colleagues from different parts of the world and gain insights into new cultures and thinking processes that are a source of creativity and development. They will work in teams and improve their communication skills.


Lectures are held in English. Within three weeks there are 10 lecture days of 3 hours per course/day. Additionally the study of each course includes additional hours of independent study, homework, group work etc. The examination takes place on the last Friday (unless agreed otherwise with the lecturer).

It is possible to choose one or two courses with 6 or 7 ECTS credits. If all the course requirements are fulfilled, a certificate indicating the courses followed and the amount of awarded ECTS credits will be issued. Each participant will also receive a Certificate of Attendance. The ECTS credits can be transferred in line with the home university policy. It is the participant’s obligation to ask for information about the course recognition rules at the home university.

Usually, the offered courses are divided into three different sessions and each participant (if taking two courses) can choose only between courses that do not overlap in the timetable.

Please note that a course will not be offered if fewer than 15 participants apply. Also, we deserve the right to limit the maximum number of participants per course.

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2 – 20 July 2018

Application period:
January – June 2018

Application and payment deadline:
8 June 2018

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