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What is Corporate Sustainability?

Sustainability is business reality about making the business more efficient, without compromising the resources for tomorrow. Sustainability has become a very extensive and complex field. However, many approaches to sustainability of the business are fragmented, often disconnected from the business.


Sustainability Academy provides its participants with the knowledge and tools to be able to apply sustainability principles to their business in the way that is beneficial to all three pillars: to people, planet and profit. Academy is organized like a business school course, allowing access to different aspects of business practice in order to move your business to more sustainable path. We base our programme on prominent lectures from established institutions from Slovenia and abroad.

Whom is the Academy Designed for?

  • Strategic decision makers seeking to grow their business both profitably and sustainably.
  • Managers who direct corporate social responsibility programmes or departments such as public affairs, philanthropy, sustainability, environmental health and safety, or community affairs.
  • Managers with profit-and-loss responsibilities.
  • Governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
  • Individuals and teams of executives from the same organization.


It is highly recommended that there are more participants from one company, since that encourages knowledge sharing and common vision, enhanced ability to pursue business goals as a team and effective critical transformations.

School of Economics and Business’ specialists are available to consult you on the best candidate/s from your organization and optimal team composition.


Adriana Rejc Buhovac, Programme Director

Partner of the programme is 2013 Golden Gazelle:

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