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Pierre McDonagh

Pierre McDonagh
Dublin City University

Pierre has been teaching Marketing Communications, Research Methods & Consumption Markets & Culture in the School of Marketing since 1999. He has held lecturing positions at The Queen's University of Belfast, Cardiff University, Sheffield University, the University of Stirling, as well as at Arizona State University. He is also joint section editor for Global Policy and the Environment for the Journal of Macromarketing. Pierre's academic and consulting work helps people and organizations better understand the challenges of what he calls sustainable communication. He argues for a positive role from marketing in bringing about Sustainable Consumption & Production. Before joining academia he worked in general management in the textiles industry and for Thomson Regional Newspapers.

Module: Sustaining competitive advantage through sustainability

Frank-Martin Belz

Frank-Martin Belz
Technische Universität München,
Chair of Corporate Sustainability

Frank-Martin Belz is the Chair of Brewery- and Food Industry Management at Technische Universität München. Moreover he is Vice-Dean of the TUM School of Management. His previous experience include a position as Academic Director of the new Master Consumer Science at the same university. Prior to that he was professor for business administrationx, especially corporate environmental management at the University of St. Gallen, Vice- Director of the Institute for Economy and the Environment at the University of St. Gallen and President of the oikos-Foundation for Economy and the Environment. He published several books and a number of articles on ecology and competitiveness as well as eco-marketing. His "Habilitation", first published in 2001, deals with "Integratives Öko-Marketing: Erfolgreiche Vermarktung von ökologischen Produkten und Leistungen (= Integrative Eco-Marketing: Successful Marketing of Ecological Products and Services). Frank supervises a number of PhD students , which do research in the area of "Sustainability Marketing and Consumption".

Module: Sustainability marketing: A new marketing paradigm?

Adriana Rejc Buhovac

Adriana Rejc Buhovac
School of Economics and Business University of Ljubljana

Adriana Rejc Buhovac is presently Assistant Professor at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. She is a lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Management, and Performance Management at both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. An expert in the design and implementation of performance measurement and evaluation systems, Dr. Rejc Buhovac is the co-author of numerous academic and professional papers including “Solving the Sustainability Implementation Challenge”, “Why Nike Kicks Butt in Sustainability”, “Managing Social, Environmental, and Financial Performance Simultaneously: What Can We Learn from Corporate Best Practices?”, and ”What’s in IT for You and Your Company?”. With Marc J. Epstein, Dr. Rejc Buhovac coauthored four recent Management Accounting Guidelines for CMA Canada and the AICPA, New York. In addition to her research on the topic, Dr. Rejc Buhovac has worked with several organizations on the evaluation of performance of the human resources function, the IT function, and on the implementation of strategic performance measurement systems.

Module: Translating strategy into action

Ward Crawford

Ward Crawford
University of Exeter, UK

Ward Crawford's business experience reaches across geography, culture and function. Having trained as a control engineer, his early career focused on process and manufacturing system design, moving later to factory and operations management. His commercial experience includes several years in strategy development and corporate M&A for Cadbury Schweppes in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India, where he got reach experience in business negotiations. Besides, Ward led that company's central staff function for global Knowledge Management and Insights for three years, and worked for more than ten years as Managing Director for subsidiaries in the UK, Malaysia, and Japan, and for Green & Black's between 2005 and 2006. He also acted as Chief Operating Officer for LG Electronics in the UK & Ireland, and as CEO for a start-up environmental charity.His main business experience are coming from fast moving consumer goods and consumer electronics. Ward speaks fluently English as well as Japanese and French.
Ward teaching and research focus is on the role of insights in shaping decision making and advantage strategy, the leadership of business teams during times of transition or integration, the potential for value creation through collaborative networks, and the leadership role in facilitating this. Ward has taught sessions on business negotiations, insights and systems for the One Planet MBA course at the University of Exeter Business School, and is currently developing a new module on Collaborating and Partnering.

Module: Leadership for change


Larissa Winter

Larissa is the owner and founder of Galagan ADVISORY®. Her work focuses on advising senior executives and their organizations operating in the CEE/SEE and GIS regions. She boasts 20 years’ experience in law, HR and people development, and has held international management positions across the CEE/SEE and GIS regions. Larissa boasts extensive experience in developing and implementing programs to advance core business objectives while maximizing employee performance. She has a long track record of successfully establishing, transforming and building up human resource functions, including strategic and operational leads, across the CEE and SEE regions in the consumer goods, oil/gas, financial/insurance, and IT/telecommunication industries. She is an accomplished HR strategist with a broad business operations background, strong change management skills, and experience providing leadership during organizational change. As a human resources director, over a period of 18 years, she was involved in leading and executing more than 50 merger and acquisition projects and over 70 change initiatives and post-merger/acquisition integration projects. In her last corporate HR role, she was responsible for more than 26,000 employees in 24 countries across the CEE region. Her valuable business experience has enabled her to translate complex business initiatives into practices that achieve results. She brings a wealth of knowledge to every project through her work on understanding cultural differences. As a native Ukrainian, Larissa has worked and lived in Ukraine, Poland, the United Kingdom, Romania, and Slovenia. She currently resides in Austria.

Module: Embracing sustainability to boost business and personal success


Mike Bernon
Cranfield School of Management

Mike Bernon is a Senior Lecturer at Cranfield School of Management and specialises in teaching supply chain strategy and sustainability concepts. In addition, as Executive Development Director, he works with companies to design, develop and deliver innovative customised executive education programmes for global clients. He is deeply involved with the Cranfield MBA programme and a number of specialist masters programmes including, the MSc. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He also lectures on the Cranfield advanced leadership and management development courses. Mike is also visiting lecturer to a number of universities and academic institutions across Europe and the Far East. His main research interests are in the areas of supply chain sustainability, carbon footprint measurement and reverse logistics but has also worked on projects related to supply chain network design, supply chain re-design, supply chain process improvement, supply chain costing and collaboration. He has undertaken research projects for a number of funding bodies including, World Bank, UK Department for Transport (DfT), UK Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affaires (DEFRA), EPSRC and UK Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and consults widely to companies on supply chain management issues.

Module: How to make operations sustainable?


Adriana Rejc Buhovac, Programme Director

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