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Six one-day modules

Module 1: Sustaining competitive advantage through sustainability

The aim of the module is to clarify the elements involved in the formation and evaluation of sustainability strategies in firms, helping managers to prioritize eco-investments and transform them into sources of competitive advantage and new market spaces.

Pierre McDonagh
Dublin City University

Module 2: Translating strategy into action

Managers can make a significant contribution to both, their company and the society by carefully identifying and articulating the drivers of social performance, and managing and measuring the broad effects of their performance on the companies stakeholders. The aim of the module is to present a framework that describes the drivers of corporate social performance, the actions managers can take to affect the performance and consequences of those actions on both corporate and financial performance.

Adriana Rejc Buhovac
University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business

Module 3: Sustainability marketing: A new marketing paradigm?

The module aims to provide a new sustainability-oriented vision of marketing for the twenty-first century with the emphasis on integration of sustainability principles into both marketing theory and the practical decision making of marketing managers. Based on cases of firms sustainability strategies and their environmental consciousness the module will offer different insights and approaches to new marketing paradigm vs. traditional marketing theory and concepts, long-term marketing perspectives and modern marketing tools with which we can attract and engage consumers to be a part of global and local sustainability and growth.

Frank-Martin Belz
Technische Universität München,
Chair of Corporate Sustainability

Module 4: How to make operations sustainable?

Many organisations are starting to look for efficiencies throughout their operations, taking decisions on sustainability back as far as the design stage. The aim of the module is to present how can sustainability principles result in the innovation in the supply chain, challenge the way things have been always done and create products and processes that are better not only for business but also for the society.

Mike Bernon
Cranfield School of Management

Module 5: Leadership for change

Sustainability implies having to address a future where much of what has supported past success is no longer available, it is constrained by ever increasing competition, or is being impacted by radically different patterns of consumption and demand. The level and scope of required change will touch every aspect of the organisation, on a scale that none can tackle on their own - yet in an environment where no common ground of understanding or priority can be assumed. A cross-boundary perspective defines leadership function as a driver of complex interactions and relationships towards a sustainable system and delivers great value to the organisation.

Ward Crawford
University of Exeter (UK)

Module 6: Embracing sustainability to boost business and personal success

The last module of this academy is action oriented. Participants think how to become more effective change-makers and hence constructors of better society and economy. They build their action plans around three directions:

  • Regulatory: What is EU and Slovenian legislation around sustainability? What are the major opportunities there? How can my company and I seize these opportunities effectively? (lead by Mitja Kovač)
  • Corporate identity and strategic partnerships: Who is my company in terms of sustainability? Is it distinctive and unique? What are the most important sustainability projects my company and want project I want to implement? How can I help leverage the effectiveness and efficiency of this project? What strategic partners would help me in this? How could I start collaborating with them? Who could help me and how? (lead by Larissa Winter)
  • Personal identity: Who am I as a contributor to better society? What I can become? What is or could be my call? (lead by Larissa Winter)
During this module participants meet, discus and learn from sustainability officers from abroad (Company Cosmopolitan Life, Ringana, etc.). The program ends with public presentations of action-plans, certification ceremony and reception.

Larissa Winter


Adriana Rejc Buhovac, Programme Director

Partner of the programme is 2013 Golden Gazelle:

Knauf insulation

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