Great Corporate Connections

We have cooperated, for many years, with the business community in shaping our academic study process at the SEB LU, and know that their involvement is important in the development of successful SEB LU graduates. We involve the business community in several ways.

Gostovanje predavateljev

SEB LU Advisory Council

The SEB LU Advisory Council is comprised of 27 members from industry. They are business leaders from prominent Sloveniancompanies that represent the largest recruiters of SEB LU graduates. The Council meets several times a year to share their business needs and experiences, and helps us shape our academic courses and faculty focus. We, the SEB LU and business leaders,share a common goal – to prepare our graduates to launch their careers upon graduation armed with the skills to add value in anever-changing business environment. >>>

Gostovanje predavateljev

Guest Speakers

Over the past four years, the SEB LU has hosted 945 quest speakers from business community.

The SEB LU welcomes guest speakers to share their experiences, expertise, and industry insight. One of the best ways to learn about business is to engage first-hand with people on thefront line in industry. New perspectives are gained as faculty encourages dialogue between business leaders and students, enabling the transfer of knowledge.

Razpisana diplomska dela

Participation in Thesis Topic Selection

Companies are invited to participate in thesis topic selection for students at the SEB LU. All participants, faculty, students,and companies, benefit from this process. Students, under the expert guidance of faculty, offer insight into real world business issues for companies by applying the skills they acquired in the classroom to relevant business topics.

Študijski primeri

Case Studies & Projects

Mere theoretical knowledge is not enough to understand the concepts and theories of business. Real life examples in the form of case studies and projects make classroom sessions more interactive and interesting. Companies are invited to present actual business situations and students analyze issues in-depth by gathering supporting information through published sources or directly interacting with the companies. Students receive invaluable experience and transform theoretical knowledge into practical business applications.



Conferences attract business leaders, participants, and alumni from across all industries, providing students with greater insights into the current business environment. These conferences allow students the opportunity to build industry connections while applying the skills they learn in the classroom.

Organizacija obiskov v podjetja

On-site Company Visits

Hosting students on company visits are an excellent way for a company to showcase its working environment and culture, share industry trends, and discuss relevant business issues. Students have an opportunity to view companies from the inside-out and explore new opportunities, career development, and networking.

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