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Darja Peljhan, PhD

Associate Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Management and Organisation (Regular Member)
  • Academic Unit for Accounting and Auditing (Associate Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 14:00 in P-336
  • On Wednesday, 28 February 2018, there will be no office hours. Instead, office hours will be held on Tuesday, 27 February 2018, at noon. Regards, Darja Peljhan
Curriculum Vitae
Darja Peljhan is an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (FELU). She is a member of Academic Unit for Management and Organisation and an associate member of the Academic unit for Accounting and Auditing. She is a member of the FELU's Senate. She teaches the following courses: Introduction to Business, Business Performance Analysis, Cost management and Accounting for managers. Her research interests are the fields of management control systems and performance measurement and management. She is a member of European Accounting Association (EAA), Management Control Association (MCA), and a member of the Executive Board of the Slovenian academy of Management (SAM). She is a member of the research group “Influence of governance, organisational learning and knowledge management on contemporary organizations” (Coordinator: prof. Vlado Dimovski)”. She serves as an Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Business Case Studies and is an Editorial Board Member of the Economic and Business Review and Management and Business Administration Central Europe. She works as a reviewer for several international journals from the fields of management and management accounting.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
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