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Daša Farčnik, PhD

Assistant Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Economics (Regular Member)
  • Office hours: every Thursday at 11:00 in RZ 306.
Curriculum Vitae
Daša Farčnik, PhD, is a researcher and assistant professor at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. Her research interests are mainly related to the economics of education and labour economics. She has modelled and empirically investigated the school-to-work transition of higher education graduates in Slovenia by using employer-employee data. She has participated in the proposal for changing the financing of higher education for the third millennium in Slovenia. She has also investigated the effectiveness of education and training systems in order to improve the training of adult educators. In particular, she has been involved in the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC), where she has focused on the data analysis of matching between competences of an individual and the job requirements. In the labour economics field of research she focuses on the analysis of the labour demand in Slovenia in the framework of firms' strategic restructuring and analysis of government subsidies on labour adjustment processes. She has also investigated the role of HRM as an intangible asset and investment in human capital from the perspective of future competitive advantages of firms especially as a driver for innovation. Related to investment in human capital, she has also investigated the application of Ability-Motivation-Opportunity model to explain the link between HRM and innovation in transitional firms. She has published several papers and book chapters among others in International Journal of Manpower and Croatian Economic Survey.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • FARČNIK, Daša, REDEK, Tjaša, TROBEC, Domen
    Learning of Slovenian firms through open innovation
  • PRA[code352]NIKAR, Janez (u[code345].). Indust[code345]ial policy in [code345]et[code345]ospective. 1st p[code345]inting. Ljubljana: [code268]asnik Finance, 2014 (Book chapter)
  • FARČNIK, Daša, BABNIK, Nina, FALE, Natalija, POHAR, Kaja, VINDIŠMAN, Jana
    Industrial policy in three mediumsized EU countries : Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands
  • RA[code352]NIKAR, Janez (u[code345].). Indust[code345]ial policy in [code345]et[code345]ospective. 1st p[code345]inting. Ljubljana: [code268]asnik Finance, 2014 (Book chapter)
  • PRAŠNIKAR, Janez, CEPEC, Jaka, FARČNIK, Daša, JAKŠIČ, Marko, PFAJFAR, Gregor, RAŠKOVIĆ, Matevž, REDEK, Tjaša, TROBEC, Domen
    Recovering after the tremendous shock
  • PRA[code352]NIKAR, Janez (u[code345].). In sea[code345]ch of new ma[code345]kets : [Aust[code345]alia, South Af[code345]ica an Tu[code345]key]. 1st p[code345]inting. Ljubljana: [code268]asnik Finance, 2013 (Book chapter)
  • Daša Farčnik & Polona Domadenik
    Has the Bologna reform enhanced the employability of graduates? Early evidence from Slovenia
  • International Journal of Manpower, 33(1), 2012 (Recent Publications)
  • Daša Farčnik
    The school-to-work transition of higher education graduates in Slovenia = (Prehod slovenskih diplomantov visokošolskih inštitucij na trg dela)
  • Doctoral Dissertation, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, 2012 (Doctoral dissertation)
  • Polona Domadenik & Daša Farčnik
    The role of the education system and on-the-job training in innovation. Evidence from the Slovenian manufacturing and service sector
  • Croatian Economic Survey, 14(1), 2012 (Recent Publications)
  • Nada Zupan & Daša Farčnik
    Investment in human capital
  • PRAŠNIKAR, Janez (ed.), REDEK, Tjaša (ed.), MEMAJ, Fatmir (ed.). Albania : the role of intangible capital in future growth. Ljubljana: Faculty of Economics, 2012 (Book chapter)
  • 5.DOMADENIK, Polona, FARČNIK, Daša, KOSTEVC, Črt, OGRAJENŠEK, Irena, REDEK, Tjaša, SIMČIČ, Nives, DOLENC, Primož, LAPORŠEK, Suzana, VODOPIVEC, Milan
    Trg dela v Sloveniji : pregled stanja in analiza izbranih tem
  • Ekonomska fakulteta (Book chapter)
  • FARČNIK, Daša, DOMADENIK, Polona
    The unlucky ones? : graduates entering the labour market during the economic crisis
  • 22nd Annual Wo[code345]kshop T[code345]ansitions In Youth (TiY), Septembe[code345] 2014 (Published scientific conference contribution)
  • DOMADENIK, Polona, PASTORE, Francesco, FARČNIK, Daša
    Horizontal mismatch in the labour market of graduates : the role of signalling
  • 25th EALE Confe[code345]ence, Septembe[code345] 2013 (Published scientific conference contribution)
  • DOMADENIK, Polona, FARČNIK, Daša, KAŠE, Robert, MIHELIČ, Katarina Katja, OGRAJENŠEK, Irena, ZUPAN, Nada
    Kakovost človeškega kapitala in gospodarska uspešnost regije : zasnova in testna preverba empiričnega modela
  • Ekonomska fakulteta, Zalo[code382]ni[code353]tvo, 2015 (book)
  • DOMADENIK, Polona, FARČNIK, Daša, KAŠE, Robert, MIHELIČ, Katarina Katja, OGRAJENŠEK, Irena, ZUPAN, Nada
    Vpliv ujemanja izobrazbe in kompetenc s potrebami delovnega mesta na ekonomske dosežke in zadovoljstvo posameznikov
  • Ekonomska fakulteta, Zalo[code382]ni[code353]tvo, 2015 (book)
  • Full Bibliography of Published Articles (COBISS)
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