Daša Farčnik, PhD

Assistant Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Economics (Regular Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 12:00 in RZ 306
  • Dear students, office hours will be held online at an agreed hour. https://uni-lj-si.zoom.us/j/3871849557
Curriculum Vitae
Daša Farčnik, PhD, is a researcher and assistant professor at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana (SEB LU). She is a member of Department of Economics and she teaches Managerial Economics, Introduction to Tourism and Service Design and Innovations to Tourism. In the past, she mainly taught Microeconomics. Her research interests are mainly related to the investigation of firms’ behaviour, especially in tourism and economics of education and labour economics.Currently she is a leader of ARRS CRP project Impact of sports / physical activity on economic and social health costs and parter leader of Erasmus project SKIPPER. She is a member of Horizon2020 Sustainwell project as well as ARRS financed projects.As a researcher, she has been involved in several projects (Comparative analysis of enterprises’ reactions to external shocks in countries of Southeast Europe, PIGS, and »core European countries«; Climate change and its influence on the predominant paradigm in economic and business sciences and in Slovenia; OECD project Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) - Measuring the effectiveness of education and training system to improve the skills of adult 2013-2015; Labour demand analysis in Slovenia in the framework of firms’ strategic restructuring; Challenges of inclusive sustainable development in the predominant paradigm of economic and business sciences and Horizon 2020 project: Globalinto - Capturing the value of intangible assets in micro data to promote the EU's growth and competitiveness). Each year she works with IMB students to prepare the final project, which is published in a book and presented at the annual Portorož Business Conference. She was Marie Currie Fellow at the CERGE-EI in Prague, Czech Republic; attended many international conferences and was in organizing team of the EALE Conference in 2014. She has published research papers and book chapters both in domestic and international journals and books for example in International Journal of Manpower, Economic and Business Review, Tourism Economics, Annals of Tourism Research – Empirical Insights, Revija za socilanu politiku. She is a member of the editorial board of International journal of management in education and an active reviewer for many journals such as International Journal of Manpower, Economics and Business Review, Annals of Tourism Research – Empirical Insights, and International Journal of Management in Education.She has been involved in several research and consultancy projects for example for Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Tourist board of Šaleška dolina, Institute for Sports of the Republic of Slovenia – Planica and is a member of Strategic development innovation partnership for tourism.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • CIRMAN, Andreja, FARČNIK, Daša, DOBNIK, Nina, ŠTERPIN, Teja, VRTAČNIK, Iza
    Digital transformation in tourism
  • DOMADENIK MUREN, Polona( ur), KOMAN, Matjaž (ur.), REDEK, Tjaša (ur.). Metaversing the corporate strategy : the oppotunities and challenges of digital transformation. 1st print. Ljubljana: Časnik Finance, 2022. (Book chapter)
  • FARČNIK, Daša, ISTENIČ, Tanja
    Has the COVID-19 pandemic in Slovenia affected gender gap in paid and unpaid work?
  • Acta oeconomica (Recent Publications)
    Holidays for all : staycation vouchers during COVID-19
  • Annals of tourism research empirical insights. Nov. 2021, vol. 2, iss. 2 (Working papers)
  • FARČNIK, Daša, KNEŽEVIĆ CVELBAR, Ljubica, PAHOR, Marko (avtor, vodja projekta), ZALAZNIK, Maja
    Satelitski računi za šport
  • Ljubljana: Unive[code345]za v Ljubljana, Ekonomska fakulteta, RCEF, 2021. X, 65 st[code345]. (Working papers)
  • FARČNIK, Daša, DOMADENIK MUREN, Polona, FRANCA, Valentina
    Drop-out, stop-out or prolong? The effect of COVID-19 on students' choices
  • International journal of manpower : international manpower forecasting, planning & labour economics. [Print ed.]. 2022, vol. 43, iss. 7, str. 1700-1718 (Working papers)
  • FARČNIK, Daša, ISTENIČ, Tanja, SAMBT, Jože, REDEK, Tjaša
    The age and gender wage gap in innovative and non-innovative type of work
  • LUŠTREK, Mitja (ur.). Informacijska družba - IS 2021 = Information Society - IS 2021 : zbornik 24. mednarodne multikonference = proceedings of the 24th International Multiconference : 4.-8. oktober 2021 (Conference contribution)
  • Polona Domadenik & Daša Farčnik
    The role of the education system and on-the-job training in innovation. Evidence from the Slovenian manufacturing and service sector
  • Croatian Economic Survey, 14(1), 2012 (Recent Publications)
  • Daša Farčnik
    The school-to-work transition of higher education graduates in Slovenia = (Prehod slovenskih diplomantov visokošolskih inštitucij na trg dela)
  • Doctoral Dissertation, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, 2012 (Doctoral dissertation)
    The paradox of open innovation in Slovenian firms
  • P[code345]ometheus (Working papers)
  • Daša Farčnik & Polona Domadenik
    Has the Bologna reform enhanced the employability of graduates? Early evidence from Slovenia
  • International Journal of Manpower, 33(1), 2012 (Recent Publications)
  • DOMADENIK, Polona, FARČNIK, Daša, KAŠE, Robert, MIHELIČ, Katarina Katja, OGRAJENŠEK, Irena, ZUPAN, Nada
    Vpliv ujemanja izobrazbe in kompetenc s potrebami delovnega mesta na ekonomske dosežke in zadovoljstvo posameznikov
  • Ekonomska fakulteta, Založništvo, 2015 (book)
  • Full Bibliography of Published Articles (COBISS)
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