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Irena Vida, PhD

Full Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Marketing (Regular Member)
  • Academic Unit for International Economics and Business (Associate Member)
  • Academic Unit for Management and Organisation (Associate Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Friday at 13:00 in P-319 ZOOM
Curriculum Vitae
Irena Vida, Ph.D. (1997) University of Tennessee (UT) - Knoxville, USA, held a tenure-track post at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, prior to joining the Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana (FELU), Slovenia. Between 2003- 2007 she served as a chair of Department of Marketing at FELU. Since 2011 she is the chair of the Masters program in Marketing at FELU and a co-chair of the Marketing department. As a full professor of marketing(since 2007), she teaches courses related to the international aspects of Marketing Management, Global Consumer Behavior and Cross-cultural Communications at FELU. She has been an international visiting professor at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna, Austria since 2000, and a visiting professor at ESCP- European School of Management in Paris, France between 2004-2014. In addition, she regularly offers courses at other universities (e.g., MIB in Trieste, Italy) and has taught at various universities in the USA (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Virginia Tech, University of Tennessee and University of Northern Colorado) as well as in Finland, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia. Professor Vida’s research focuses on application of behavioral theories and models in cross-cultural settings and on organizational and strategic issues in international business and marketing. She published articles in top international academic journals such as the Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, International Marketing Review, International Business Review, and regularly presents her current research at various conferences in Europe and USA. She received international research and teaching awards, and gained research funding and grants at the national and the EU level. She holds memberships in American Marketing Association, the European Marketing Academy (EMAC), the European Association of International Business (EIBA) and Academy of International Business (AIB-USA). Dr. Vida is involved in consultancy and project work with domestic and international companies, and conducts in-company management training courses in various sectors, including insurance, retailing, pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer-goods (e.g., Triglav, Mercator, Krka, Illycaffe).
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • OBADIA, Claude, VIDA, Irena, PLA-BARBER, José.
    Differential effects of bilateral norms on SMEs export relationships : a dynamic perspective
  • Jounal of international marketing, ISSN 1069-031X, Sep. 2017, vol. 25, iss. 3,21-41, doi: 10.1509/jim.16.0031. (research papers)
  • KADIĆ-MAGLAJLIĆ, Selma, MICEVSKI, Milena, LEE, Nick, BOSO, Nathaniel, VIDA, Irena
    Three levels of ethical influences on selling behavior and performance : synergies and tensions.
  • ou[code345]nal of business ethics, ISSN 0167-4544, [in p[code345]ess] 2017, doi: 10.1007/s10551-017-3588-1 (monograph)
  • KADIĆ-MAGLAJLIĆ, Selma, VIDA, Irena, OBADIA, Claude, PLANK, Richard.
    Clarifying the influence of emotional intelligence on salesperson performance
  • The Jounal of business and industrial marketing, ISSN 0885-8624, 2016, vol. 31, iss. 7, 877-888, (research papers)
  • PRIME, Nathalie, OBADIA, Claude, VIDA, Irena. Psychic distance in exporter-importer relationships : a grounded theory approach : Nathalie Prime, Claude Obadia, Irena Vida. Int. bus. rev.. [Print ed.], Apr. 2009, vol. 18, no. 2, str. 184-198, doi: 10.1016/j.ibusrev.2009.02.011. [COBISS.SI-ID 18445542]

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